The red fox makes an appearance on my blog anniversary.

One year ago today I started my blog. The very next day, I wrote the post that I copied below about a missed opportunity with the red fox.

Mark was diligently chopping celery for our crock pot stew and I was loafing around the kitchen, looking out the window, when I saw a beautiful red animal running though the monochromatic snow-covered woods at the foot of the hill behind our house.

“That’s a red fox,” I said.

Not that I was an expert on such matters. In fact I’d never seen a red fox before in my 53 years. But you would have said the same. If you see a red fox, you know it.

Mark joined me at the window and as I was unwilling to turn my back on the bushy-tailed, pointy-nosed, red-furred or haired (not an expert, remember?) animal leisurely jogging through the woods, over the creek and across our back yard, and was equally unable to convince Mark to do the same, and as my camera was not close at hand, the event went unrecorded. Sadly.

When I recounted the incident to my sister Carol, she said, “Why don’t you look up the significance of a red fox sighting online? Try a native american site.”

I googled it. Here’s a brief run-down.

Foxes are symbolic of camouflage and shape shifting, cunning, wildness and diplomacy.

A fox sighting is a warning to keep one’s counsel, a guide into the Faerie Realm, a signal from the spirits of the deceased, a good luck omen.

A sighting of multiple foxes is bad luck.

The meaning of the sighting depends upon what is going on in your life and in your head at the moment the fox was sighted.

As my mind was fairly well blank to the best of my recollection, I’m really not sure what it meant, except that it was a beautiful moment and in the future I will keep my camera on a kitchen shelf within easy reach.

Snowy woods sans red fox

This morning I was finishing up my breakfast and checking emails on my iPhone. Mark was reading the paper on his iPad. My camera was within reach beside me on the tripod because I was trying to get a photo of a bird on the icicle-covered bird feeder.

I glanced up from my iPhone and couldn’t believe my eyes. A red fox was was in my garden.

Happy blog anniversary to me.

(I think he wanted to make it into wildlife week at Random Thoughts).

A red fox jogs down our private drive. January 21, 2012

The above information regarding fox sightings came from the following websites which offer further clarification on the matter and make for interesting reading.

37 thoughts on “The red fox makes an appearance on my blog anniversary.”

  1. Hi, Christine. I was trying to figure out how to email you, and can’t find an address. Don’t know if you saw this beautiful comment of Hilary’s that she just posted on my blog. You might have missed it since I had to put up a new post yesterday about CeleryTree that I had committed to.

    Anyway, just in case, here’s some of Hilary’s comment:

    Hi Christine and Ann .. first good news re Stephen and Celery Tree – I shall be around!

    Dear Christine – I’ve been wanting to buy and read your book which I will now be doing .. because I know there are depths there that we can reach into to learn from. It’s only when you have illness and have to deal with it on an ongoing basis that so much comes into play .. as there is the physical care required, or monitored and medicated …. but that much stronger and much more important draw = the mind … the intelligent self … the person within … and from my point of view the person without. …. with big hugs to you both and Jen, and then of course Annie … already Dancing in Heaven with our loved ones …

    Happy weekends … Hilary

    1. I did see it, Ann, thank you. I subscribed to the comments on your post. And Hilary also stopped by here. She left a very nice comment. I love it when people delve deep and “get” it.

      Thanks for letting me know, Ann. I’ll probably stop back over soon and leave another thank you.

      1. In Ontario, it’s a swath from Barrie north through the Canadian shield well into northern Ontario, and east to my area. My parents have lived in the Muskoka district, which is close to Algonquin Park.

  2. Happy blogoversary!
    Love the cardinal with the ice hanging from the roof to his side.
    The red fox look like he’s a prancing!

  3. Happy Blogoversary to you!!! I was so excited to see the fox–we saw one in the spring here in Lima when we were out driving in the country and it is really the first time I can ever really remember seeing one in the wild. Pretty neat. And I think he was just aching to make it on Wildlife Week! Congrats again. Always love your posts and look forward to reading them all!

  4. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a fox in the wild. Pretty, I like the markings. The cardinal brightens the backyard, doesn’t it? Happy blog anniversary, too!

  5. Happy Blogiversary!!! I never read your first blog so I’m glad ot have read it, and it’s wonderful that you posted a pic of the fox! It’s been great to read your posts over the past year and I look forward to a lot more, friend! xo Julia

    1. Thanks Julia. You pulled me along at the beginning with Twitter, for which I am grateful. You know I love your posts and exciting adventures in Maine.

    1. Thanks, Robin. We’ve seen the fox around here several times, but it is always on the move and I’ve not been able to capture it up until now. As it was, I had to run through the house to get it this time. 🙂

  6. Happy Anniversary!! Sorry I am late and missed it!! What a treat to get the picture of the fox!! We have fox out here but we are not very happy to see them so close to our animals and chickens!! Sadly the folks next door had to kill the last one we saw around here a few months ago. It was not afraid of people or dogs anymore and they have 4 very small children. It was decided that the animal was ill with either distemper or rabies and when she saw it one day while it was killing one of her hens she called her husband home from work. It was still there when he got home ( at least a 1/2 hr) and he killed and buried it.

    1. Well, we have to face realities. It’s survival of the fitness and we need to protect our young as well as any other animal. I’m glad I didn’t have to witness it, though.

  7. I happened upon your blog because I was searching red fox sightings. My brothers and I spotted one near the beach on Cape Cod one week after our father died a few weeks ago. I had never seen one in the wild (in all of my 50 years) and I believe Dad was sending us a message through this beautiful creature.


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