17 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Ready”

  1. It is funny you wrote about Auther’s healing paws. My Mom fell a couple months ago and broke her tailbone and bruised one of her arms horribly. Zoey is somewhat skittish around my Mom because of her oxygen and tubing. (But not when Mom is giving her a treat of course). However, I had Mom over for dinner one night after her fall, and Zoey jumped right up on the couch, took my Mom’s arm in her paws and starting licking her hand and arm to no end. I was shocked and amazed, as Zoey is not a licker. It’s like she sensed it. I wanted her to quit but Mom stopped me and told me it gave her comfort.

    1. That’s a great story, Sis. Isn’t it funny about animals?

      I’m sorry about your Mom’s fall and hope she is doing okay.

      Thanks for telling your story.

  2. Hi Christine .. I love this pic – great shot .. clever Arthur ..

    Then your other post on your ‘entrapment’ and the understanding of your mother’s plight – it’s recognising what’s important to them isn’t it ..

    Good luck with all aspects – you’re coping really well – many thoughts Hilary


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