Self-publishing: A thank you and a request

A sincere thank you

I want to write this while I am still feeling warm and fuzzy.

I just finished reading through all the comments so many of you have left on my self-publishing posts (which are now linked on my series tab in the menu above). I am feeling quite overwhelmed right now, in a good way.

You guys who have hung with me and read my posts and commented on them are the best. And I really mean that. Your kind words of support and encouragement month after month make quite an impact when read successively in total. It’s overwhelming. Truly.

And I wanted to thank you all for caring, and for being there with me on this sometimes tumultuous journey.

I can only hope I will have the opportunity to do the same, and support you somehow, along the way.

As I was reading through all your comments, I was making a list of your suggestions for how I might promote my book. I’m going to combine these suggestions with my own list that I intend to generate soon, then prioritize it, and make some of these things happen. Thanks for all your suggestions.

A request

One thing I noticed as I was reading through the comments is how many of you have read my book. I know this because most of you left very kind comments about the book on some of my posts. It would be really great if those of you who have done so could copy your comments to my Goodreads page and Amazon page. And while you’ve got your review on your computer clipboard, maybe you could paste it on the Nook page where I need a lot of help. I hate to ask, but if you have a minute I sure would appreciate it. They say that reviews on these sites are very important. Just a sentence or two will do. If it would be easier for you, I can find the comment you wrote on my blog and give you a link to it so you could just copy and paste it. Just let me know.

You make it worth it

There have been times in the past when I’ve wondered if it is worth it—all this time spent blogging and reading and commenting. Sometimes I wonder if I should just slip off the edge of the blogosphere into whatever lay beyond. Knitting in my rocker on the front porch. Reading all the books on my to-read shelf. . .

But on days like today, I remember why I do it. You all, with your stories, photos, observations, all the things you share, and your untiring support remind me why. Thanks for making it worth it.

11 thoughts on “Self-publishing: A thank you and a request”

    1. You have so much energy, and are such a go-getter. You would do great at self-publishing. Sometimes I think I’ve lost my drive for it. I’m hoping I can rekindle the flame.

  1. Hi Christine .. it’s definitely worth it – and I will be buying your book .. just for now must leave on hold. Your journey has taught us so much .. and that we pass on as and when the situation arises … that’s one advantage of blogging – the idea is out there … so hang on in there … well done is all I can say – cheers Hilary

      1. Hi Christine … thanks for the link .. I haven’t got an ereader – and don’t much want to read on the computer – I read one book here – and that was enough .. but I’ll try and get over to Goodreads tomorrow .. cheers Hilary

  2. Blogging is one of the best things I’ve ever done. One doesn’t find this kind of support network anywhere else that I know of.


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