Creatures who haunt the night

When the sun sets the day begins for the creatures who haunt the night.


32 thoughts on “Creatures who haunt the night”

  1. Oh how I would love to have the wildlife around me that you have!! BUT, I wouldn’t trade what we do have for anything!! It is here, just not close enough for me to get pictures of. Someday, with all the trees planted and the trees to be planted the wildlife will get closer to my windows!! Thanks again as always for sharing Christine!!

    1. You have some pretty exciting things happening right there on your farm. I really want to see baby goats one of these days. Then you could show up in one of my posts. 🙂

      I do think the trees will bring wildlife closer.

    1. We have bats here too, though I can’t say that I ever really see them. Someone put a bat house on a tree across the road. I don’t have any idea if any bats actually use it. I guess I’m still a little creeped out by them, although they are supposed to be good, harmless creatures to have around.

  2. There are two worlds…Night/Day. Have you ever awakened very early and experienced the sounds of the day creatures awakening? There’s a silence, like a line, then the birds start to sing. Thanks for bringing that experience back to mind. 🙂

    1. Yes. We used to go camping. And sometimes just in nice weather when we sleep with the windows open we can hear that. I have also heard a terrifying screeching in the night that I don’t care to imagine what it might be. Two worlds.

    1. I think you really have. Who’s ever going to prove you wrong. We knew there were owls around when we first moved in, and one of our sons spotted one in the night one time. But we never could see it. I even held an “Owl Watch” on our deck one night, but nothing. The fact that the juveniles were making such a distinctive noise, and that they were out in the day time is what helped me to sight them. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m enjoying it while they’re here.

    1. Would you do the background with watercolors and then the black with something stronger? Or the whole thing with watercolors? I am sooo inept at anything resembling fine art.

  3. I haven’t seen an owl in the wild in years. They must not like the city much. We had one fly into the front of our Jeep many years ago when we lived in W.Va. We gathered it up from the road and took it home. It recovered and flew away.

    1. They’re pretty big birds with a large appetite, I imagine. That’s probably why they hang around in the country or around woods where the food is plentiful.

  4. Beautiful photos. We have owls that live nearby, and i had the opportunity to listen to them calling out to one another just a week or so before my pa died. He did not feel so well, yet always took the time to enjoy something like that with me, his son. We just sat and listened to em hoot a bit… I thank you for this blog… it is a good place to be:) peace, Tim.

    1. Thank you, Tim. I’m glad I was able to bring back a nice memory for you. We listen to the Great Horned Owl here too. In fact we heard it for a long time before we ever saw one. It’s just nice to know it’s around some where.

  5. Christine I just came to your site from Goodreads and I’ve been browsing your excellent information about your publishing journey. I’ll be making an announcement very soon about the publication of my own book too. Your site is serving as a great resource and inspiration to me!

    1. Actually it was my husband who had the night vision. I was just trying to take photos of the sunset, and he said, “Did you see the owl?” I’m not sure I would have caught it without him.


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