Garden journal, March 29 — Spring bursts forth

Spring sneaks in slowly when the pointed tips of daffodils break the soil and breath in the air, soaking up the sun rays. Spring sneaks in when small buds on trees and bushes begin to swell.

But once spring sneaks it, it breaks forth with an amazing energy as leaves unfurl overnight, and flowers burst open in bloom, filling the air with fragrance.

We returned home Monday night from a weekend away to find not only the fallen redbud tree, but many other things that had happened while we were gone.

Hyacinths - planted March 2012

The hyacinths we planted a week or two ago are now in full bloom and fragrant.

Bleeding hearts - Planted summer 2010

One of my favorites, the bleeding hearts that we planted our first summer here in 2010 are cascading between the boulders in the lower section of the St. Francis Garden.

Daffodils, here when we arrived

The daffodils that were planted by previous owners are blooming in the Angel Garden.


Another spring favorite of mine, the viburnum, with their wonderful, sweet fragrance are in full bloom along the far top edge of the Angel Garden.

Viburnum blossom

I will have to bring a few blossoms inside.

Tulip tree

The tulip tree is still blooming, but is starting to fade. I wasn’t able to capture a photo I was satisfied with.

Just a few short weeks ago the Japanese Maple looked barren and bereft.

Japanese Maple

This is what we found when we arrived home.

These large hostas were just small little probes above the soil, an inch or two in length, last week before we left on Friday. This is how they look now.

Creeping phlox

And the creeping phlox is putting on its showy carpet along our front walk.

When spring bursts forth it is truly a wonder to behold.

Have a great weekend.

22 thoughts on “Garden journal, March 29 — Spring bursts forth”

    1. They are a fascinating little flower, aren’t they? I really love the white ones, but they didn’t have those in stock when we were buying them.

    1. Thank you, Kathy. I hope you’re having a great weekend too. I spent the day at my parents’ yesterday. That was okay. My sister and I were able to clean off a nice little glassed in porch for my mom that had turned into a storage area through the chaos of Annie’s death, my grandmother’s death (and removal of personal possessions), and my dad’s condition. It felt good to clear the space.

      My mom is having a tough time now that she’s decided to get the hospital bed and it has been approved. She needs to schedule a delivery date. I wanted to give her a little extra support yesterday, so I went up and spent the day. It usually makes me feel better when I do that.

    1. Right now we’re putting in a ton of work because of invasive ivy that was here when we moved in. I posted a lot about it last year and will likely do so again this. It’s a bad, time-consuming, dirty job. We have to hand-sift through every square inch of the dirt to eliminate the persistent ivy runners.

  1. You have gorgeous flower gardens! It’s such a joy to look at your pics and read your comments…my tulips are just popping out of the ground, so your photos leave me so excited to see my own gardens (should be soon!). I love the little owl too…cute.

  2. Everything is so pretty, Christine. What a lovely surprise to find. I noticed a tulip tree in our neighborhood the other day! They are really pretty.


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