Wind chimes for On Wings of Harmony

Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati, Ohio with wind chimes hanging from the trellis between the trees.

The visual beauty of Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati and its gardens has now, temporarily, been enhanced by musical wind chimes.

Wind chimes designed by Mark Joseph Grote hanging on the right side of the entrance (when facing the Krohn Conservatory).

Two sets of wind chimes, designed, created, and installed by Mark Joseph Grote now hang on either side of the main entrance to Krohn Conservatory providing a visual and audio element of beauty to an already incredible destination in Cincinnati’s Eden Park.

Largely created from recycled metal parts and cds,

the wind chimes were installed as part of On Wings of Harmony, this year’s butterfly show which will be opening April 21 and running through June 24. (You can see photos of last year’s Butterflies of Brazil show here.)

This is a view of the second set of wind chimes hanging on the left side of the entrance to Krohn Conservatory.

Mark Joseph said that he designed the wind chimes to “make interesting noises” and to “look cool”.

He said that one of the most interesting features of the wind chimes is this spring on the main piece of the left side. When the beads hit the spring they make a little sound that echoes.

Video from the Cincinnati Park Board.

Mark Joseph Grote is finishing his third year in Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati, and as you may have surmised, is our son. You can see more of his artwork at his Tumblr page, and a video of him painting free-style here.

More photos of our visit to the Krohn Conservatory later.

19 thoughts on “Wind chimes for On Wings of Harmony”

  1. I love them!!! I would love to hear them!!! He is so talented!!! What a fabulous thing to have them on display in such a wonderful place!!! Thanks for the tour!

    1. I just got a link to a video someone took of them (I think the sound has been magnified, at least it sounds like it to me), but it’s pretty cool. I’m going to try to add it to this post, or put it somewhere people can see it.

  2. I love wind chimes. In fact I just ordered a new one. I found an online store where you can listen to the music the chime makes before ordering.

    1. That’s cool. I love wind chimes too, although I only have one right now and it was a gift. Maybe I should get some more. Listening to them is magical.

  3. Well, I can’t tell about the “interesting” noises, but i can definitiely attest: they look very cool! Love the use of recycled stuff:)

  4. These are so cool. You’ve sent smiles across the blog world with this post. I’d be visiting there every day waiting for an opportunity to tell someone, as they were looking and loving them “my son made those”!!

  5. These are wonderful! It’s been a long time since I last visited Cincinnati. The butterfly show might be a good excuse to go. 🙂

    1. It might be. There are other cool things here too, let me know if you come, what your interests are. The butterfly show has special times set aside for photographers. You have to pay a little extra, but you don’t have to try to shoot around mobs of people and small children.

      1. Hi Christine, yes I had a quiet and relaxing one.. Thank you. Wind chimes and crystals decorate mine.. lovely when the sun shines as they swing and let the rainbows dance.. 🙂


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