The Blue Heron pays a visit

I was sitting in my study working on my computer, probably typing a blog post, when something large and flying low  out the window caught my eye. Is that the hawk again?

View of Blue Heron from my study window.

I run for my camera, hurry back, and start shooting pictures out of my study window. I ‘m pretty sure it’s a Blue Heron, but I need to look closer.

I put my telephoto lens on and, yes! It is a Blue Heron in the grass across the drive. But that sign post is right in the way.

I run into Anna’s room to get a better angle. Oh darn. Now the bush is in the way.

I very slowly sneak outside onto the porch and am able to get a clear shot. (Disclosure. The sign post was in this picture to the right side of the heron, but I photoshopped it out.)

Is she trying to go into the woods?

I really don’t know what this bird is doing in our yard.

I try to get a closer picture and step off the porch and onto the sidewalk, but I stumble on the edge of the walk. My quick movement startles the Blue Heron and she takes to flight,

and leaves.

33 thoughts on “The Blue Heron pays a visit”

  1. Oh I love it, Christine!!! Blue herons are one of my favorites!!! I tried to get a good shot of my “Phil the Pheasant” the other day who wanders in and out of my yard but man–those puppies can run and I ended up with a blur!!!! Great pictures of your buddy!!

    1. Here’s a couple of tips for taking action shots: 1. Try to take it from the front or back of the movement, (as in Phil is running towards you or away from you) as opposed to taking the picture along the side of the movement. 2. Hope for a very bright, light day. If you can adjust your settings, go for a low f-stop number which means the aperture will be open further. This will allow for a faster shutter speed, resulting in less blur. 3. Use a flash if you are close enough, which I suspect you are not. A flash freezes action.

    1. Thanks, Carol. I love them too. We saw one land on the neighbor’s roof about a week ago. And I’ve seen and heard a pair of them fly overhead a couple of times. I never saw one this close before.

  2. A beautiful bird, Christine!

    From time to time I’ll watch one fishing in the Rideau River near my home. It’ll just stand intently in the water, completely still, and all of a sudden dart its head into the water and come out with a fish. Very patient of them.

  3. We have them in Miami. I found one dead I think he got drawn in by the suction of the passing train as he flew. Was going to have him stuffed but so expensive. Gave him a good Presbyterian burial, however.

    1. Oh no. That’s another case of modern technology damaging natural wildlife. Sad.

      I’m sure his or her family appreciated the thoughtful burial.

    1. Thanks, Carol Ann. I enjoy using PhotoShop, I just wish I had more time to practice with it and get better at it. If I don’t use it regularly I forget how.

  4. Great pictures, Christine. So glad you didn’t miss its visit. One amazing bird, don’t see enough of them.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Patti. Yes. I was lucky to be sitting right here when it arrived. It makes you wonder how many things go on around you when you don’t happen to be looking.

  5. oh what a precious moment to have a Great Blue Heron land in your yard. They are my most favourite of all the winged creatures. There’s just something about them, their stillness and majesty in flight.
    That last image looks like a painting.

  6. ooooo YAY! Kathy said to come see the heron blog…one flew up yesterday at the tree place, just after I have been kvetching about my not responding, as per usual, to nature-type input! They are just so large and quiet and then when they fly up right in front of you and….

    1. You’re right. They are large and quiet, and then bam, there they are right in front of you. A first for me. I’ve seen them around bodies of water and from a distance, but never like this.

  7. Beautiful pictures! Several years ago, when I was riding my bicycle to work, a blue heron spread his wings and flew up out of the ditch RIGHT beside me! It was the most magical, treasured thing! This lovely post was a nice reminder. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Robin. Just another case of being lucky enough to be looking out the right window at the right time. Makes me wonder how many things I miss in the average day because I wasn’t looking out the right window at the right time. . .

  8. You have so many diverse animal life out there visiting your back yard Christine, Lovely to see the Heron.. we have one fly over hoping to get a fish from our pond, but so far he’s not had breakfast.. 🙂


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