The solitary owl

A cool breeze blows in the cracked-opened windows from the dark night beyond.  It carries the screech, the awk, the unanswered call of a solitary bird. It is the juvenile great horned owl. And tonight it hunts alone.

When sleeps lifts its black veil through the night, until dawn breaks in the morning, I hear the lonely call of the owl.

With first light, the morning chorus of bright tunes fills the air,  and the owl is silent.

The daytime birds are social creatures.

A robin's nest cradled in the arms of a tree.

A robin gathers twigs, carrying three in her beak to the nearby tree. Robins hop around the freshly turned soil seeking the worms buried beneath.

A starling peeks out of a hole in the tree.

Birds scout the yard for holes in the trees.

A chickadee waits outside an unlikely home.

A chickadee moves into a hanging house.

The chickadee enters its home.

Everybody is looking for a home.

The starling leaves on an endless number of trips to ready the nest.

The work of creating a nest for hatching and feeding offspring is the business at hand.

Nearby an owl sleeps until night. Alone.

16 thoughts on “The solitary owl”

  1. Ooh. Lovely, Christine! As you know, I adore owls – birds – of all kinds. Will be blogging next week about some new discoveries (and pictures!).

    1. I’ll look forward to seeing that. I’ve got to get you back on my RSS feed, or get an email subscription or something. Somehow your blog has fallen through the cracks. I am really fumbling lately with trying to follow blogs. Eventually I will figure it out.

      Bump me on the head or something when you post it. You have some pretty cool birds out there (and other animals too).

  2. Have you ever noticed that birds always fine a home to nest! Built by nature, man, God, or themselves….. how about that. lol. Love your pictures of the different birds.

    1. They do. I’ve also notice that sometimes they don’t do a fabulous job of picking a secure place. When we moved here a robin nested in the top of a very tall lilac bush that was just below our deck. We were clearing the space for Mark’s vegetable garden and spotted the nest just in time. I got some great shots of the eggs and babies in that nest.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I’ve seen a lot of chickadees (and hearing their beautiful songs) and starlings and this morning saw the song sparrow we see every year… I love this time of year for bird watching!

    1. Thanks, Julia. I still haven’t learned the bird songs. I really should spend some time figuring that out. The birds are very busy right now. They are fun to watch.

  4. Great post! I love birds so much. We saw a bald eagle at the back of our property while on a family walk this past weekend. What an amazing sight…I was so excited!

    1. I would be really excited about that too. We have bald eagles in the general area, although not right here where we live. I don’t know how far they are willing to travel. Would love to see one. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Lovely pictures you have captured here… Nesting here too well on the way. Your words All weaved in the Birds tale in a day in the Life of a Nesting Bird… Keep looking out for that Owl.. 🙂 xx Sue

    1. We haven’t seen the owl lately, but we heard it right outside our front door last night.

      The robin must have hatched her eggs. I saw her taking what looked like a worm up to the nest today, but didn’t have time to watch closely to see if she was doing that hectic back and forth they do when they have babies to feed. Hard work.


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