The first iris

Yesterday the first iris bloomed. It was the variegated red variety that we only have a few of. Later I noticed that one of the purple irises had also bloomed on the edge of the woodland garden.

I was happy to see that the irises I transplanted in the wooded area at the top of the garden are going to bloom this year. I worried because I had moved them, and because I wasn’t certain about the light exposure. Although the woodland garden is not progressing as I’d like it to, (primarily because we spend every gardening moment, hour, and day exterminating and eradicating the Chameleon ivy) I’m excited to see the irises bloom there.

This time last year I wasn’t even waiting for the irises to bloom. That didn’t happen until May 9th. The irises were in full bloom by May 14.  I don’t think the swelling buds this years will make it to May.

26 thoughts on “The first iris”

  1. Oh it is so beautiful, Christine!!! I have never grown irises but my Grandma did and I loved seeing them –they are so stately and elegant!!! Great picture of your beautiful flowers!

      1. That is the neat thing about buying a home—you never know if there are hidden surprises that will pop up later that you don’t see when you first buy!!!

    1. We were gone this weekend and when we got back, many irises have bloomed, although we have more to go. The previous owners loved them. I do too.

  2. Hi, Christine. I just commented on your previous post about the amazing journey of Dancing in Heaven to the Netherlands. Now I’m here looking at this beautiful picture of an iris and recalling my late mother’s irises and my ex-mother-in-law’s also. They both love this flower. This picture shows how very, very lovely it is!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Golden Movies A to Z theme. I had a lot of fun drafting these posts and bringing back good memories of a better time, IMO, for movies. Hitchcock for suspense was a master, as others bloggers around our age have said. And it’s great that technology allows us to see them again.

    1. I think they are a flower that people loved before perennial gardening became so big. We’ve had them in every house we’ve lived in.

      Hitchcock was a master. Didn’t he also have a T.V. show?

  3. Doesn’t it seem like all flowers and trees are blooming earlier than usual this year? The weather report for this weekend in my city is 95 degrees. I’m happy your gardening efforts have been successful. The flower is lovely.

    1. Yes. I hope they don’t get zapped. We have a freeze warning tonight.

      Gardening is hard work and it is also one of those things that is never finished. But I love being outside.

  4. I have only seen purple irises before. (Or only noticed them, that is.) Our irises in the Upper Peninsula won’t bloom for a long time, but don’t recall exactly when. Where do you live, Christine?

    1. They come in a lot of different colors, although we only have the purple and variegated ones. The purple ones we have are a dark purple. I used to have the light purple ones. They’re a gorgeous flower.

    1. Thanks for the link Nancy, although it wasn’t working well and I couldn’t get past the garden shop, (which might be what really happens if I ever make it down there. . .)

      1. Two of my recent posts include photos ~ Aah, that’s better! and Orchids, Bromeliads, and Epiphytes. Tomorrow will be Bonsai and Banyan.


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