The Netherlands, a little country in big water


Since Dancing in Heaven is now in the Netherlands, or Holland, (Can someone explain the name to me?) I thought you might like to learn a little bit more about the country from an insider.

Here are two former posts from Marion on Figments of a Dutchess. They give interesting information about Holland.

The first is from February of this year. Marion writes, “Here in Holland, a century old fever is starting to rise. If first appeared in 1909, a fever that grows more severe with every frosty day. The colder it gets, the higher the Dutch fever flares. It is called the Elfstedentocht-fever. . .” read more.

The second is from January and speaks to the precarious geography the inhabits of Holland find themselves in, and makes me wonder if perhaps I should have put Dancing in Heaven in a waterproof container. . .

Marion writes, “Last week, Holland was in a high state of alert: due to a storm and onshore winds, the dikes of the northern provinces were about to be breached by the rough seas. The water relentlessly pushed towards the shores, so the excess water could not be pumped back to keep our feet dry. Animals had to be taken to safety, houses flooded and things looked grim for a while. . .read more.

I think you’ll find these two short posts informative and interesting—offering another perspective of life in a distant country. The second one contains a little international surprise (not particularly pleasant) at the end for my American friends. At least it surprised me.

For more information on Holland you can check out — the main English-language news site for the Dutch government, including a daily E-zine.


18 thoughts on “The Netherlands, a little country in big water”

  1. Holland actually refers to the two provinces, North and South Holland. My parents come from those two provinces. There are several more provinces in the country, so the proper term is the Netherlands as a whole. Otherwise it would be like referring to Americans as Missourians, or Canadians as Albertans.

      1. You could visit Marion’s website that I linked. She sometimes has photos and information of what her life is like there.

      1. I’ve been to Germany, and that’s as close as I’ve gotten. Thanks for the link. I actually have done most of what she suggests. That felt good to know. Thanks for thinking of me.

    1. I’ve heard it’s very nice. I would love to go too, maybe on a family genealogy trip. Mark’s family comes from not too far away from there.

    1. It is. Have you ever been to Cincinnati? The older neighborhoods here that were built in the hills have a very unique house structure. They are basically one-room wide and go back like long narrow boxes that are arranged closely side-by-side.


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