I feel a change coming

In some ways I might be a little ADHD. When I was younger, stronger, and had a house with more possibilities for it, I used to rearrange my furniture on a more frequent basis than my husband, at least, was comfortable with. That’s putting it gently. He’d come home after a hard day at work and find the piano stuck in the foyer, or the bookcase halfway across the room. Can’t fault him, I guess, for being a little tiffy about it at times.

I’m too old for that hoopla anymore. I just have to live with the same ol’ same ol’ because I’m simply too old and have a few physical limitations that discourage me from being impulsive in that way.

I have to find a new route for my impulsivity. (I might have just made up a new word, or misspelled an old one.)

I feel a change coming.

For quite a while now I’m been looking at how I’m spending the hours in my days. The older I get, the more valuable those are to me.

I’m thinking about backing off of blogging to two or three times a week from the five posts I do now. I know some of you who are getting barraged with daily messages from me in your inboxes may be heaving a sigh of relief. The biggest concern I have is that I used my daily blogging commitment to get myself seated at my computer and put words on paper every single day—something all the pros say is a must. But what I’m doing with my blog isn’t what I would call quality writing, usually. Not that I mind that much. I took a series of photography courses in college, really enjoy doing it, and wish I had more time for it. But the blogs with many photos actually take much longer to do, as I’m sure other photography bloggers can verify, than simple writing does. For me, at least.

The long and short is, I want to try to translate some of this disciplined at-the-computer time into working on my writing.

One sticking point is that I’m trying to build content on my blog, so I don’t know if I will be able to resist blogging every day. That’s an odd twist. I may try making better use of my Facebook author page (Christine M Grote) and Twitter.

I’m not going to make any more predictions or promises about blog frequency. I’m not a big rule-follower, which has been to my detriment at times. But it comes to me naturally and what can we do about genetics?

It’s a beautiful, blue-sky day here this morning. The windows are open and I can hear the birds singing, and babies in the birdhouse out front chirping. A soft breeze ruffles the leaves on the very end of the arched limbs that hang withing view from my desk. A robbin is skipping around the landscaping looking for a worm, no doubt.

My garden waits.

23 thoughts on “I feel a change coming”

  1. When it comes to quantity or quality…always choose quality. I try to remember that I can still write daily…I just don’t have to post everything I write.
    I am enjoying using my time for other venues…I’m still writing, just not posting as often…AND I feel like I’ve gotten my life back. Blogging is an important part of it, but living in the real world is priority for me now. I continue to blog because I do value the relationships I’ve made, but I can’t make it my whole world. I understand where you’re coming from…
    Your photography is amazing…I ALWAYS look forward to your nature pics.

    1. Thanks, Susan. I think it’s the “write daily” part that worries me. Hopefully I’m more disciplined about it now. Yes, judging by how you’ve expressed the place of blogging in your life, you do understand. I’m sure I’ll still be posting photos. I can’t resist.

  2. I’m having the same frustration. I enjoy writing and my blog has some good quality content, but not everyday. I’m not sure it’s worth posting something fluffy just to post. I’m also enjoying having some time back to cook, read, and get some exercise.

    After being at work all day on the computer, I simply don’t feel like doing it all night too. I enjoyed blogging last year, but not this year too much.


    1. I understand. I’m not sure I would do any of it if I had an office job. Not sure how people who work a paying job every day find the time and energy for it.

  3. I’ve been feeling these same inclinations and been reading similar things expressed by other bloggers. Spring is in the air and summer is coming. We’ll see where all this leads.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  4. FIrst, that photo of the bird and house is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it so much! Second, you are so wise to follow your instincts about blogging and do what you feel will fit best with your life and your writing! (p.s. fellow questioner of rules here, so I know how *that* goes!) 🙂

    1. Thanks, Julia.

      Don’t you sometimes wish you could just go along with the flow? I don’t know why I have to make life so difficult for myself sometimes.

  5. I used to be like you with rearranging furniture. Now I don’t do it, as I know it would drive Sara nuts. Part of my problem is that I spend so much time eveeryday reading blogs. I need to read less and write more. Not easy.

    By the way–love the last line of this post. Short–simple–but only a beginnning. In fact, I love the way it opens the piece up, so that the end really suggests the start of something new–as your title suggests. Well done, my friend.


    1. I don’t rearrange furniture anymore either, but as I say that, we just rearranged things in five of our rooms. Ha ha. We got a new larger bed, and that bumped everything in the house around.

  6. It will be interesting to see where this takes you, Christine. (Besides out to the garden). I’d definitely be spending some time out there in one of those chairs! Enjoy.

    1. My goal in life is to spend some time out in those chairs. We have a lot of work to do that often has a louder more insistent call to me than the chairs. Sad but true.

      1. I have the same problem, always want EVERYthing else done before allowing myself to sit. I need to get over it and enjoy it once in awhile. Maybe start with a 10-15 minute break a day? Together, we can beat this thing!

  7. Once the ‘demand’ of writing the amount of posts you have set for yourself diminishes, you will find more energy. You can write because you want to, in stead of because you ‘have’ to.
    I do hope you will find a better balance for all the things you want to do. And see. Enjoy. And write.

  8. love this blog! i think writing a blog when you want to…no rush…not in schedule…whenever you like…please keep on sharing with us!

  9. I started out posting more frequently, but I find three, maybe four posts in a week total is just fine.

    Very nice location to have a couple of chairs looking out, Christine! For a moment, the white blossoms (I’m assuming that’s what they are) in the trees reminded me of trilliums. I went up with company this weekend into the Gatineau Hills here, and the hillsides in the forests alongside the road are just getting covered by white trilliums.

    1. I love the screened in porch. I had the chairs arranged more traditionally for a while, and then I decided we are the only ones to ever use the porch and we like to look out at the woods. They’re easy enough to rearrange in any case.

      I don’t know what kind of tree had the blossoms, but it looked very lovely for a little while. I’ll have to look up the trillium and see what it looks like.

  10. I’m having some similar thoughts about blogging and backing off a bit. I agree with you about posts with photos. They are very time-consuming. Like you, I’ve been giving thought to how I use what time I have, and perhaps there are better ways I could be spending it. And also like you, I don’t care a lot for rules so… I guess we’ll figure it out eventually. 🙂

    1. This is a good time of year to back off. It’s possible I may want to blog more in the winter when the call of the outdoors isn’t as strong.


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