What I’d give you if I could — to you, Mom

I’d like to give you flowers
that overflow the kettle, and boxes, and pots,
with bright colors of reds and pinks
surrounded by a cloud of butterflies and hummingbirds
who flit between.

Morning glories that climb on the railing and brick walls
blanketing the house with blue and lavender blossoms.
Sweet fragrances of hyacinths and roses
placed in small vases on the kitchen sills
or table beside your bed.

I’d like to give you strawberry pie
bright red in color, sweet with glaze and topped with cream,
and all your favorite foods
with no guilt,
no worries,
no problems.

I’d give you entertainment.
Musicals at your command,
Julie Andrews singing on a mountainside,
Richard Harris hiding in a tree,
Yul Brynner asking,
“Shall we dance?”

Technology that is easy to learn
and easy to use.

I’d give you appliances that never break,
doorbells that always work,
plumbing that never leaks,
lush green grass that never grows,
leaves that never fall,
snow that melts on walks and drives.

I’d give you restful days
waking up without pain,
filled with laughter from children,
and lunches with friends.

I’d give you quiet nights with the sweetest of dreams.

What I’d give you if I could is a
a heart that heals,
and hope
of a bright tomorrow.

Instead, I give to you only what I can—
that never ends.

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May 2008

Happy Mother’s Day.


33 thoughts on “What I’d give you if I could — to you, Mom”

  1. Trying very hard to keep the tears back here at work. What a wonderful and loving tribute to your beautiful, caring and dedicated sweet mother. I feel like I know her a bit, through reading Dancing in Heaven (halfway now).
    Christine, having you as a daughter is making her happy. I love your words and the feelings that they trigger. Beautiful.

  2. God bless you and your family. What a sweet testimonial of your relationship with your inspiring mom! You are a blessing tio her from the Lord. You will always heap blessing upon blessing to her years.

  3. I loved this and I hope you don’t mind if I share it with my mother and friends. I do read your stuff and see you doing thing, even if I don’t comment. Blessings to you on Mothers Day.

  4. Beautifully written, Christine. I admire your ability to express yourself so vividly and honestly. So many times I’ve wanted to tell my mother just how much she means to me, but the words never seem to make their way out, or when they do they seem trite. I only hope that I express it silently with kindness and thankfulness until I’m able to do so.

  5. Just to let you know, we saw the first hummingbird today in the front window. Your mom, dad and myself. The flowers look beautiful!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to tell me, Paula. How about that! I just planted them yesterday. The hummingbird must have been waiting around for them. I’m glad you all got to see it.


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