Angels and birds in my garden

When my sister Annie died, angels took on new meaning for me. If there are really angels, and I truly hope there are, then I know I have a little sister angel somewhere, everywhere.

I always had angels in my gardens. Now I have more angels in my gardens.

When my sister Annie died, setting suns, snowfalls, and singing birds took on new meaning.

I always had birds singing in my gardens, but now I hear their songs more clearly.

I don’t know why.

I look and I listen and I seek and I hope. For what, I really don’t know.

Maybe just an angel in my garden.


Author: CMSmith

I enjoy reading, writing, gardening, photography, genealogy and travel. I have opinions about many things, but am trying to age gracefully and not continually tick people off with them. Sometimes I can’t help myself.

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