Now blooming in my garden

It’s way too hot today to be outside working in my gardens. We’ve got temperatures in the 90s here this weekend, and I’m staying indoors. Believe me, there’s plenty of work to be done out there, but not in this heat.

Our irises have finished their blooming and are beginning to look a little scraggly. I trimmed the browning flower stalks from the St. Francis garden; the woodland garden will have to be a bit more wild. I realize my limits. I’m thinking I will trim the iris leaves down to about 5 or 6 inches again this year. It cleans up the garden a bit and allows the other blooming flowers to show.

Right now the daylillies are the main event. We have a couple of varieties in our gardens that the previous owners planted. These are gold. You might also notice the perennial salvia at the bottom of the photo.

This photo of the salvia is a couple of weeks old. Most of the blooms have faded now and these will have to be cut back. They may bloom again later if I do that.

This is a yellow variety of the daylilly. We have a few in our St. Francis garden and more in the front landscaping. I know they have a name. I just don’t know what it is. We have a third variety in the Angel Garden. It is my favorite, but it blooms a little later.

This hosta in the St. Francis garden is beginning to bloom. You can see the blue wildflowers in the woods in the background. You can also see the white astilbe that we planted last year. In front of the hosta you can see the top of daffodil greenery that I tied back. I think it’s time to chop that off. I love daffodils, but I hate it when their leaves fall over in the garden.

I’ve grown to love the feathery color the astilbe add to a shaded garden spot. At our last house we had dark red and pink ones as well. Before all’s said and done, we’ll probably have the same here.

We started with one knock-out rose bush our first year here and then added two more last year. One of them is not fairing very well. The sun exposure from one place in this garden to another can vary widely because of the trees on the wooded side and the house on the other. I’ve been a little disappointed with the knock-out roses that I thought were supposed to be relatively carefree. They’re not. I spent a lot of time trimming off what looked like diseased leaves, or perhaps mildew. I refuse to use chemicals to spray the rose bushes anymore. Maybe I can find something natural. Any suggestions?

Our oak leaf hydrangeas are beginning to bloom where the deer haven’t eaten them. You might notice some tiny white blossoms under the hydrangea on the left. These are the blooms from the Chameleon Ivy that has spread under the bushes. Eradicating the ivy is a job that will never end.

This is a view of gold daylillies in front of hosta outside our front door. Again we are the fortunate inheritors of these beautiful plants. The sun was setting behind the flowers, and I liked the way the light played on them and on the broad hosta leaves.

Anything good blooming where you are?

14 thoughts on “Now blooming in my garden”

  1. The astilbe look magical- just beautiful garden. I have been attempting to do my gardening between 7-8am before the day gets too hot. The weeds are faster than I am.

    1. I used to always work in the early morning in the summers, now I seem to have other drains on my early-morning time (it is a good time for me to write.) I may have to adjust my summer writing schedule to accommodate my gardening. I’m not even in the same race as our weeds. I’m the trailing behind clean-up crew that never catches up.

    1. You stay cool, too. I heard we were supposed to get a break from the heat later this week. I do hope so. I don’t go out in the heat.

  2. Have you seen the commercial where the woman unrolls a carpet in front of her house and unleashes an abundant garden of flowers with a fountain in its midst? Wouldn’t that be a money-maker? I’d sign up for one to be sure.

    of course you wouldn’t need to buy in…your garden is growing beautifully… 😉

    1. I haven’t, but yes, a money-maker for sure. I might buy in simply for the time it would save me. This is such a busy time of year with all the garden work.

      1. Your garden looks maintenance free at this point…plants so full and luscious they overwhelm the weeds. I’m still getting there. Too many sections to our garden…front yard, back yard and side yard. Oh me, oh my…sometimes I wish we only had lawn. But I just can’t resist flowers, textured and variegated leaves, and the list goes on…three of these…three of those…

        glad i’m not the only one with the garden blues… 😦

  3. I need to get out there with my camera. Several surprises awaited when I returned home from my daughter’s. 🙂 I’ve only seen white astilbe (fell for that also upon seeing it a couple years ago).


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