A thousand bottles

A breeze blows in the window and across the room where it feels cool on my skin and lifts soft wisps of hair off my face. Outside the trees sway and dance with a million graceful arms that make a sweet rustling sound and provide a background for the instrumental music playing from my computer. A steady, but easy and soundless, rain continues to fall as if it will not stop for days. Arthur sleeps in his safe place behind the recliner I often sit in to read. Earlier on the screened-in porch, Arthur’s shivering and quaking from the cool air or fear of the weather eventually drives us both inside.

It’s a very peaceful moment and would that I could bottle it and hang it from my neck on a thin ribbon to experience when I’m not at peace and life is a clanging symbol fraught with uncertainty and fear and longing. Would that I could breathe in this moment and set my soul to rest at whim.

Would that I could fill a thousand bottles and give one to you.

May a cool breeze tease your hair, softly brush your face, and clear your mind.

Have a nice weekend.





19 thoughts on “A thousand bottles”

    1. I’ll drink to that. It will have to be tea, though, or diet Coke, as I’m sworn off sugar, carbohydrates, and alcohol for a while. Cheers.

  1. Ah yes, I’ve experienced those lovely peaceful moments myself this week. Thank you for sharing yours. If only we could bottle them…

    1. I have to go close the window now. My hands are too cold to type.
      Hugs to you and keep writing. (I’m a little behind on my reading but will catch up soon.)

  2. What a beautiful post, Christine. I love the idea of bottling the moment and hanging it from your neck on a thin ribbon!

    Happy, peaceful, weekend.


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