Why we write our stories — a guest post at Wrote by Rote

I’d like to thank Arlee Bird at Wrote by Rote for the invitation to write a guest post on his blog about memoir writing. Why we write our stories, is a post I wrote about writing stories in general and Dancing in Heaven in particular. I hope you’ll stop by and read it there today or sometime through next week.

In addition to Wrote by Rote, Arlee is the author of  Tossing it Out (his main blog), A Few Words (a Sunday contemplation), and A Faraway View (about dreams). Arlee also initiated  April’s A to Z challenge.

Thank you, Arlee, for your interest in Dancing in Heaven, and your invitation to guest blog.

A bouquet of wildflowers to you.

12 thoughts on “Why we write our stories — a guest post at Wrote by Rote”

  1. Hi Christine – yours is such an important story to tell .. and I’m so glad you persevered – Annie would be proud of you .. the post is really good over at Arlee’s ..as too were your own blog posts telling your story to publication ..

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks, Hilary. Have you had a chance to read Dancing in Heaven? I would be happy to send you one to get the book over in the UK. Is that where you are?


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