A tale of a doe, a buck, and a fawn

The Doe

I’ve been looking for fawns. The past two summers fawns started showing up in our yard at the end of May. I saw newborns curled in the neighbor’s grass, and curious little toddlers eying my garden. But June arrived and no new fawns.

I did see a lonesome doe frequenting our yard. I noticed she walked with a slight limp and at first I thought perhaps she was a tired mother who had just given birth. One evening at dusk, I was sitting on our second-story screened in porch that looks out over the yard and into the trees when movement from the woods caught my eye. The lone doe stepped into the yard, bent her front legs and lied down beside the treeline. She stayed for a while simply resting, then after dark, got up and walked away.

I saw her again on a morning and I could see that she had a definite limp and a big bump on the bottom of one of her front legs. I don’t know whether she injured her leg, or is sick in some way. I also don’t know what I can possibly do for her outside of allowing her access to the food in our yard without fear of my intrusion.

June 4, 2012

The Young Buck

Mark mentioned he saw a buck in our yard. That was a surprise because we rarely see bucks here.

June 3, 2012

But sure enough, the next day I thought I was watching the doe at the base of our yard when Mark said, “That’s the buck.” It was a young buck with fuzzy antlers enjoying the plants in our yard down by the stone patio.

June 3, 2012

The Fawn

Sunday night at dusk Mark was sitting in the study when he called out to me to come quickly. A little spotted fawn was meandering up the road in front of our house, out for a bit of a stroll, it appeared, no adult in sight. “Oh no. I hope it’s not lost,” I said. Eventually it scampered up into the woods across the road. “I wonder if that is the lame doe’s baby,” I worried.

The next day my worries were confirmed when I saw the lame doe and the fawn together. They like to cross the road from the woods, go up into our woodland garden where they can enjoy a variety of items, and then wander down through the trees to the creek and woods beyond. (Please forgive the poor photo quality, it was low-light conditions, and I didn’t want to scare them by leaving the house.)

Lame doe (with bump on lower half of lifted leg) with fawn. June 4, 2012

I sure hope the doe is okay.

June 4, 2012

Just now I heard Mark open the garage door and start his truck to leave. At the same time I saw the doe, followed by the fawn, trying to cross the road to our yard. They both turned and ran back into the woods. I hope they come back soon.

I wonder if the doe and the young buck could be the fawns another doe brought through here last year, or if it is the same fawn who uses our land as a nursery.

14 thoughts on “A tale of a doe, a buck, and a fawn”

  1. Awww…so sweet! We had a doe in our yard all by herself last week also which is unusual. There are usually about 8 that hang out together. She was walking funny and when I was able to look closer her back right leg had a big bump/growth on it about 5 inches up from her hoof. I wondered if she had gotten hit by a car or if it was another kind of injury or birth defect. I hated to see her run with it because it just looked like it hurt. I also wondered if she was ostracized by the rest of the deer because of it since she was all alone. I will probably never know but I totally could understand your concern when I read your post today! We are birds of a feather! 🙂

  2. Sweet story! it’s so fun to watch the playing out of such stories, I think:)

    And — a 2nd floor screened in porch –OMG!!!! Heaven……….

  3. Great photos! But that poor mama deer. Thank goodness she’s not in my yard or I’d have one more thing to worry about — interesting though that last year I read an article about a joint-swelling disease deer get from a lack of copper! Maybe you could give her copper supplements; see how I am? I just can’t turn off the mom thing 🙂

    1. I know how that is. My post tomorrow will be about motherhood. The bump doesn’t seem to be in a joint. It is midway up her bone from her foot to her knee. Otherwise I would be trying to figure out how to get here some copper. Thanks for that.

  4. Hopefully the doe is okay.

    This time of year they tend to spread out on their own. A mother may or may not be with the offspring, but it tends to be more in winter when deer tend to group together.

    1. We were gone this weekend, but our daughter was here and saw the doe and fawn, so she’s apparently still doing okay. I’m hopeful.

    1. Yes. I love the fawns. Adult deer are also quite lovely, although they do tend to wreck havoc on some of our plants. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I too hope the Doe and her fawn are ok too Christine,,, I always love your Backyard photos and nature stories… They are so lovely… We dont see dear here unless we go to a Park.. They are kept in a heard in a Chatsworth House Grounds the home of the Duke of Devonshire.. We often take a picnic out there and sit by the river and catch glimpse of them… We saw to our delight a Huge Stagg as he gathered his heard together as he bellowed across the valley .. If you Google Chatsworth House Derbyshire UK.. you will see the place I spent much of my childhood and many of my courting days with then boyfriend now my Husband of 37 yrs.. 🙂 … Thank you for your visit.. Good to see you too.. 🙂

    1. I’ll have to look that up. That sounds like a beautiful place to picnic. It’s been quite a while since we’ve been on one. I’ll have to do that again soon.


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