Art for All at the VOA— Jacob Maris’ The Quay: A Dutch Town

I was taking Arthur for a walk this morning at the VOA (Voice of America Park) when I was greeted by this painting installed at the beginning of our loop around the lake. I wasn’t completely surprised because Mark had told me that the Taft Museum of Art is putting on the Art for All program and has installed 80 reproductions of its paintings around the Cincinnati area to celebrate its 80th anniversary. I just didn’t realize one was right here at the VOA.

The Quay is the first painting I saw and posted, but it is number 51 out of 80 on the Art for All website.

The Quay: A Dutch Town, probably 1880s, by Jacob Maris (1837-1899), Dutch

The Quay: a Dutch Town was likely painted in the 1880s by Dutch artist Jacob Maris. Here is the information on posted by the Taft Museum about this particular piece of art:

“Much of the Netherlands is bordered by the sea, and most of the inland areas are situated below sea level. The famous Dutch windmills and canals served as pumps and drainage ditches to keep Holland above water. This busy seaside scene illustrates Holland’s dependence on the sea for trade and fishing. Views of land and water, industry and architecture, abound…at your Taft Museum of Art.”

The Art for All open-air gallery is a gift from the Taft to remind the public of Charles and Anna Taft’s donation of their home and art collection 80 years ago. These gems belong to everyone.


14 thoughts on “Art for All at the VOA— Jacob Maris’ The Quay: A Dutch Town”

  1. Great idea to try and catch these eighty art pieces around the Cincinnati area. Or at least some of them, hehehe. The clouds in the painting are typically Dutch indeed by the way 🙂

    1. That’s interesting about the clouds. Is it because you are nearly surrounded by the ocean? If you visit the wikipedia page about the artist, you can see that he painted a lot of windmills. There are supposed to be two in this painting, although I can only make out one, but then it is not the best quality photo.

      1. There is another mill, slightly to the right of the second sail, Christine, in the distance.
        And I don’t know why the clouds are that prominent, but I love them.

    1. Haha. I wondered the same thing at first. I guess they make the reproductions out of some kind of paint that will hold up in the weather. Only time will tell.

  2. Up in my parents hometown, which was near Algonquin Park, which served as an inspiration for the artists, there were reproductions of the Group of Seven’s works hanging in various places all over town. Very different, seeing art outdoors.


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