22 thoughts on “A new garden ornament—or why Arthur’s afraid to go outside”

    1. It is awesome. Makes me a little more nervous about the little white dog. Now I’m going to have to google if foxes hurt small domesticated animals.

  1. My first thought was, “Wow, that looks so real.” LOL I thought you’d purchased a new garden ornament! Wise boy, Arthur!

    1. It’s a little scary around here sometimes for him, I’m certain. I couldn’t get him to go outside the other night. I had him on a lead, but he didn’t want to leave the porch, even with me out there. Maybe I should have been scared too.

  2. When my golden was a puppy, I took him for a walk in the nearby woods. We both shot our heads up, feeling goose bumps (or at least I did). That’s when I noticed a fox was stalking us. I quickly put Henry back on the leash, and we high-tailed (as the expression goes) out of there fast. They are wild-looking creatures whose eyes bear no malice, but lots of intent…..

      1. well for sure you wouldn’t want your dog to tangle with one. Trust Arthur’s instincts. We have two red fox that come through the property, mostly in winter. They’ve not been a problem but I wouldn’t let my dog out loose if i new they were there.

  3. I’d be afraid to go outside, too! Wise Arthur! Always wanting to see a real live fox around here, but it’s a rare spotting. A lawn ornament is a cool enough spotting for me. 🙂

  4. Ooooh! A fox! It’s beautiful. 🙂

    We don’t have one this year which may explain why I have almost no veggie garden. We’re overrun with rabbits and groundhogs. Want to loan your fox to me?

    1. Maybe so. I’m not sure who their natural enemies are, or what they actually prey upon. I suppose I should do a little Google search for my own edification.

  5. My parents had one that occasionally crossed the property. The cats picked fights with it. You’d hear a high pitched yelp, and come out, and there would be the fox, running away from the cats, who were annoyed.

    1. This made me laugh. Since Arthur is afraid of most things, including turtles, I doubt he would try to pick a fight. Maybe I should borrow your cats for a bit.


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