Two fawns and a buck

I looked out my kitchen window yesterday at dusk and spotted a deer and a fawn near the creek by our stone patio.

I’ve been watching for the doe with the injured leg, and thought this might be her. So I was also looking for the second fawn that Mark has been seeing with our doe.

The adult and the fawn wandered down the creek bank (and are visible in the background) when this little frisky guy showed up. This fawn appears to be a bit larger than the other one, and much more energetic. I would bet 10 bucks, no pun intended, that this is the little fawn I saw strolling alone down our drive last month.

Here was the surprise. The adult was a buck, not our doe. I was unsettled by this and worried that something has happened to our lame doe. I googled buck and fawns to see if the father sometimes takes care of the babies to give the mother a break, but couldn’t find any information. In fact, I found the opposite: bucks usually do not hang around the does and fawns. What about Bambi? His father stayed in the picture when Bambi’s mother died, didn’t he?

I don’t know if this is the fawns’ father or Uncle Dan, but he clearly was in charge of the fawns for the evening.

I was trying to take good photos through the kitchen window, using my 300mm lens and a high ISO because of the low light conditions. But the fawns were frolicking all around like two young children at a park in the early spring. Most of the pictures of them are a blur of brown.

This little one, trying to keep up with her brother, spun around this tree, miscalculating a bit. She ran right into it and then fell down. When she stood back up she didn’t move for a while. I think she was stunned.

This is completely endearing:  the buck, seeing what happened, walked over to the little fawn, undoubtedly to make sure she was okay.

I just love watching these animals interact.

Finally, a moment when all three are standing still.

And another, although the buck is moving his head to prune our plants. Because of his apparent preference for this delicacy I think he may be the buck I saw several weeks ago. I sure hope the mother of these two little darlings is okay.

I got out my iPhone and started taking a video. The frisky little guy runs off. The little follower chases after. The big buck watches where they go, thinks,”Dang, they’re not coming back,” and lopes after them.

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41 thoughts on “Two fawns and a buck”

    1. I’d like to know what’s going on with these deer. I wish I knew if the buck was one of the fawns we’ve had around here before. He seems really comfortable here.

      1. I think it’s safe to assume that as bucks are usually very skittish about being anywhere they can scent humans. Chances are he has grown up right near you and that’s why he feels safe.

    1. They are, aren’t they. I’m having a very reflective time right now contemplating the beauty of creation. And just how cool it is that the adults nurture and protect the offspring. Out of necessity, I know. But still very cool.

    1. I do, don’t I? Sometimes I can’t believe my good fortune. It is a lot of work here though. But I could be like Emily Dickinson and watch the world without ever leaving my house.

    1. It is captivating. I don’t know how you can’t fall in love with these little guys. We watched a pair grow up last year. I hope to see these around here this coming year. Baby animals of all kinds are adorable.

  1. The larger fawn is very playful, appears to say, “Tag, you’re it!” Thanks for sharing them. I hope their Mama is ok, too.

    1. I thought the same thing. He almost knocks her over at one point. Of course, I don’t know their sex. It could be the bigger one is a big sister knocking around her pesky younger brother. I’ll probably never know.

    1. It is always a thrill for me and makes me stop whatever I’m doing to watch for the few moments they’re in the yard. I am glad the buck was taking care of them.

  2. Christine, it is possible that is a doe. Due to hormonal imbalances about 1 in a 1000 does will develop antlers.

  3. Christine, I have never–in all our years here–seen a buck babysitting the fawns. But you never know. This could happen. Enjoyed looking at all your photos. You really go “all out” in sharing on your posts. It’s always a joy to stop by and see what you’re sharing next. P.S. Barry’s in for his second knee surgery this week. We’re hoping this goes well. Is your husband 100% better now? Are his knees ever stiff?

    1. I think it may be a rare event. Good luck with Barry’s surgery. Mark is 100% – the only thing he isn’t allowed to do is run. I think his knees do get stiff sometimes, and sore if he uses them too much, but he is soooo much better than he was before the surgery. Let us know how it’s going. Thinking of you.

    1. Truthfully, we don’t have a lot of flowers here that they like to eat. Mostly they eat new foilage. Just as bad if not worse, but they were here first.

  4. Beautiful post and video. Reminds me of how our Heavenly Father cares and looks after us.
    You must live in a lovely forest. We too have deer that come up from our creek and woods into our back yard but I’ve never been able to get very good pictures. Loved seeing yours.

    1. They are lovely. Sometimes the fact that we have such large animals living in the wild around us amazes me, if I really think about it.

  5. We have a buck and fawn that come every day to munch on some apples from our orchard. I’m glad to see that while rare, somebody else has experienced this, too! I can’t find anything on the internet that says the buck will step in if the mama is killed.

  6. Just today I was driving down a local bypass on the edge of my humble town and saw a buck and two fawns and thought it was highly unusual as I know most bucks do not help raise the fawns. I slowed my vehicle as I watched them cross the road and once across they all stopped to watch me slowly drive away. I turned my attention back to the road in front of me and I didn’t make it but a few more yards and there in the ditch I saw what I am sure was the mother doe dead, hit by a car probably not even a day earlier. It saddened me greatly, but also made me delighted to know that the buck had apparently taken over the responsibility. Life truly does find a way.


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