American Goldfinch

A pair of American goldfinches stopped by the other day.

Male American goldfinch – July 2012

The bright male caught my eye.

Male American goldfinch – July 2012

I love to watch their movement, especially the rhythmic dip of their flight.

Female American goldfinch – July 2012

The female, although not as bright as the male, is a pretty little bird even in her subtlety.

American goldfinch – January 2012

In the winter, the male’s color dulls making it appear more like the female. I’m not entirely sure which this is.

American goldfinch – January 2012

Or this.

American goldfinches, male and female – July 2012

But side-by-side in the summer, the male and female are clearly distinguishable.

American goldfinches – July 2012

They make pretty little momentary tree ornaments, don’t they?

See the progress of my lifetime-bird list.

21 thoughts on “American Goldfinch”

  1. There were some in our yard on Sunday which is rare. My parents usually have a lot of them though. I think they are so pretty.

  2. I love goldfinches! What an adorable little bird house. It’s been a really good bird watching summer for us, too. And I love seeing what other people are bird watching! Nice pics, Christine!

    1. Thanks, Julia. We’re traveling to Puerto Rico later this summer. I’m hoping to see some new birds there. I really don’t know what to expect.

  3. aren’t they the prettiest little bird? They stay all year round here. Oh, I though of you today. Do you own an IPad? I just bought the Audubon Guide to birds for mine. It’s great. Gives you lists of birds in your state or province, sightings of each and all kinds of information.

    1. Not as patient as you might think. I get lucky sometimes, and I keep my camera in the kitchen right beside the door where I shot these photos from. Digital cameras help, because I can take a million pictures and then sort through them. Time consuming, but usually I can get that 1 in 100 shot that way. πŸ™‚

  4. Fantastic captures, Christine! The goldfinches in my neighborhood are leading me on a merry chase for one good picture. My problem is that our “feeder” is the wildflower meadow where they are having a merry old time eating thistle seeds.

    1. I was just over there and saw that you got some beautiful shots. Put mine to shame. You inspire me to work harder at my photography. Right now I’m in a snatch and go (through a dirty window from inside an air-conditioned house πŸ™‚ )mode of photographing.


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