Family reunions and the passage of time

According to Einstein, “an object in motion actually experiences time at a slower rate than one at rest,” ( According to this theory, which I will likely never fully comprehend, last weekend should have crawled at a snail’s pace. Our children and their significant others were here for a weekend of wine, food, and games. I was in motion much of the time, or at least much more so than my normal quiet sedentary life with Mark and Arthur.

But that wasn’t the case at all. The weekend passed in a fast blur of motion and color and laughter and a baby’s cry. The preparations for the weekend that occupied my thoughts and many of my activities for the two weeks prior, are completed, used up, and cleaned up. The baby gate and porta crib are folded and stored away. The guest set of dishes, warm from the dishwasher, are stored on a high shelf in the pantry again. Clean sheets and towels folded in stacks on top of the dryer and in the dining room wait to return to the lower level where empty guest rooms are bereft of any lingering reminders.

The well-stocked kitchen refrigerator is nearly empty. The refrigerator in the garage, so recently packed full of beverages is now an empty shell save for a lingering can of Diet Coke or two.

The Fisher-Price farm and zoo, the wooden train track running through the room, are all stashed away in containers where they will lie untouched for months.

Arthur, exhausted from his nonstop surveillance of a toddler, lies still and limp in a  curled position on the sofa, then the bed, and now on his pillow in the study.

I stumble around with a foggy head and try to remember what I should be doing.

I may wish that the time we had in motion this weekend passed slower. I may wish it would have lasted forever. But that is not the case.

Now I’ll sit at my desk and type to you, or in my rocking chair on the porch and read, or in my recliner in the evenings beside Mark as we catch up on the news or a television show or two.

And I’ll hope that my slowness will make time pass faster until we are all together again.

15 thoughts on “Family reunions and the passage of time”

  1. Such a lovely time is family time Christine.. and yes we had our toddler of 20mths old granddaughter today.. And eyes you need in the back of your head.. :-).. so no wonder your poor little Arthur is tired out…
    Love the view from the window.. amazing…
    Wishing you a relaxing week ahead.. It will seem rather quiet I guess now.. 🙂 xxx Sue

    1. It seems almost tomb-like. 🙂 But I do enjoy our lifestyle once I the shock wears off. Hope you are having a relaxing week as well. Enjoy your little granddaughter. They grow so fast.

    1. We did. Although Luke arrived with a fever that lasted until the morning he was leaving. So he wasn’t himself and put somewhat of a strain on Mike, and particularly Gretchen, as he really only wanted his mother. He’s such a funny, happy little boy most of the time. It’s heartbreaking to hear him cry.

      It’s good to hear from you, Paula. I hope all is well. I don’t know if your daughter has headed off to college yet or not. Thinking of you.

  2. I just came back from Atlanta and cannot believe how fast the time went. I nearly took another day of vacation just to stay longer.

    I love the picture of Arthur and your new header photo.


  3. Arthur looks like he’s catching up on his sleep. Toddlers do that! lol Glad you had a wonderful time, and hope you are enjoying that porch! Or family will be here for the day Saturday. I hope I have time between now and then to devise some fun activities.


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