A casualty of Isaac

We’ve been enjoying the week here in Dorado, Puerto Rico, just west of San Juan. If you’ve been keeping track of the weather you know we’ve also been enjoying Tropical Storm Isaac. I posted a couple of very short, like less than 20 seconds, videos on my YouTube page that you can find at 57cmsmith. I would link it here if I only knew how. Blogging with an iPad does have it challenges.

We were the only people on the beach when we arrived there this morning and set up camp under a large umbrella close to where the waves travelled. The beach here has eroded, as we’ve been told it does every year until it corrects itself in the fall. We were perched on about a three foot rise above the level of the beach where the waves flowed in. Because of Isaac, the waves were coming in strong and would at times hit the the 3 foot sand “wall” and splash over the top.


If you look beyond the first umbrella you will see a second umbrella on its side. The resort workers tied it to a palm tree with about three ropes the day before yesterday. Beyond the fallen umbrella, you may be able to see a palm tree leaning at about 45 degrees. It will likely join the others we noticed lying on the beach our first day here.

I was enjoying the turbulence of the ocean from our elevated perch until one big wave splashed up and over, deluging us, my bag, and Mark’s backpack with sand and water, and sweeping one of my flip flops away with it –our only Isaac casualty so far.

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21 thoughts on “A casualty of Isaac”

    1. Me too. Mark wanted to jump down and get it. I definitely wanted to cut our losses. Yikes. Scary to even imagine. We were in the Bahamas after a hurricane passed through and the undertow was awful.

  1. For future reference: at the bottom of youtube videos, there’s a ‘share’ button. A box will open up, blue w/white letters. This is the code or address or whatever of that video — copy it (Ctrl + C), then paste it in your post or Facebook page, or wherever (Ctrl + V) & voila!

    1. Thanks for sharing this. I have posted videos on my blog by doing exactly that, but for some reason, that option didn’t show up when I was using my iPad. It has its quirks.

      1. Ah. Well, I’ve no experience with an iPad (yet) so…….. hopefully, it’s a temporary quirk??

  2. Praying in Miami too. We should get peripheral storms. M fear power goes out. I am now mother’s 24 hour nurse for home hospice until dramatic change – call hospice doctor. Stage 4 advanced cancer upper and lower abdomen and liver into one lung.

  3. Isaac doesn’t seem the type one would want to meet up with on vacation. The rip tide warnings are up here. Amazing how far the effects are felt from some of these storms. Stay safe!

    1. Are you still waiting? I forget where you are. I hope you are safe and sound. I imagine it’s not as easy to pick up and leave now that your mother is with you.

      1. Isaac is moving farther offshore from us . . . but it’s still windy and rainy. If we have to evacuate at any point, we’ll be able to include mom without too much trouble (other than answering lots of questions from her).

  4. Christine, hope you are still OK! Until yesterday, I had not even heard of Isaac. (The casualty of not having a TV and reading through Internet headlines too quickly.) My mom and dad, who have a condo in Florida, mentioned they were watching Isaac. I said, “Who is that?” My mom is still mortified. Can’t believe you are on vacation in a hurricane’s midst. Stay safe.

  5. You are a zillion times more brave than I am! I would’ve hightailed it off the beach at the first sign of a rogue wave not to mention the umbrella tied to a palm tree!! Will look forward to more updates from my main Isaac updater! Stay safe!


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