Life is full of surprises — an observation from midlife

My child who refused to participate in his preschool play when he was four, by standing on stage and holding a cloud made out of cardboard, was my only child who acted in a senior high school play by performing a significant role as Theseus in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

My child who was so shy he used to hide behind my legs at family events or in social situations, arms wrapped tightly around my knees, is now out in the community where he lives, decorating walls and entertaining with  performance art.

My child who ran away from the dinner table and down the hallway screaming, “I hate my mother,” when she was two, now calls me on the phone nearly every day.

My child who was afraid to explore caves with his friends or ride a jet ski with me now fearlessly engages others, as he strives to shape his world.

How little I knew.

How much I’ve learned.

The distance ahead to which we can see is very short and near.

Life is full of surprises.

Has anything surprised you?

24 thoughts on “Life is full of surprises — an observation from midlife”

  1. I speak solely of myself here. I was so shy up into adulthood that I literally used to bump into signs and telephone pole along the sidewalk. I would cross the street rather than approach an oncoming girl.

    Then, on 09/09/1979, 33 years ago today, I accepted our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ into my heart. He changed me in ways I’m still discovering. No longer shy, my fellow workers couldn’t recognize me the following day. I did a lot of testifying those first few years and still never fail to explain what Jesus has done for me. Just the fact that I’m on this blog extolling His love for me and everyone else testifies to His Glory. 🙂

  2. So much has surprised me! Like your experience with your child, I have been surprised by both my children. My eldest, who stuttered at age four, now confidently teaches college classes. The youngest, who was quite popular in high school, now prefers her own company. This was a great post, Christine.

  3. I am often surprised. My now 25 yr old daughter has been surprising me since she was born. The surprise I stopped to write was an incident that happened this morning. I was driving home and had just turned into our little road. I was so busy admiring my neighbors pink angel trumpet plants that I almost did not see my friend standing 4 feet away waving madly at me. A comment on focus and perspective.

  4. When I was a child, I was clumsy and awkward, not at all into sports. While I’ve not really gone into sports as an adult… I did really take to rock climbing, which surprised my parents.

  5. I had the child who had to break everything to see how it worked. What does she do for a living? QA for Cisco. She gets paid to break things before it goes out to the customers. I thought THAT was a pretty appropriate job for her.


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