The best blog award and a link to — One Morning Eleven Years Ago

I can’t recall exactly how Teepee12 arrived on my blogging sphere radar, but she did. And I’m glad. A few weeks ago she honored me with the Lovely Blogger Award. I know most of you have heard of that, but if you haven’t, you can follow the link to her site where she explains it.

After careful thought and consideration, over my vast blogging experience of a little more than a year and a half, I have instituted a personal award policy where I thank the grantor of the award, but decline the obligations. Kind of a having my cake and eating it too policy. But here’s where the story gets good.

Before I even had the chance to thank Teepee12, she posted about another award she had just received—a new one for me—the “Don’t do a damn thing award. I just like your blog.” I mean, does it get any better than this?

Being somewhat uncouth and ill-mannered, I asked Teepee12 if I could trade my Lovely Blogger Award for this new, and in my humble opinion, best blog award ever. She graciously agreed.

To Teepee12, I say a very sincere Thank You.

To my other readers, loyal fans, and drive-by glancers, I hope you will stop over and see Teepee12’s blog, Serendipity – pictures, stories, opinions and more where she discusses things near and dear to my heart with posts about nature, travel, animals, photography, writing, life, and much more.

Or in Teepee12’s own words regarding her blog:

This is about everything. And nothing. It’s life: whatever is on my mind, what’s happening to me and those around me. It’s about the valley where I live, the people in my world, and of course, the dogs.

“I offer you some memories, many thoughts, stories, and pictures. My pictures, mostly, but sometimes other’s pictures (always credited!) because I admire them. I also reblog postings that I think you will find interesting … or that I find interesting or funny or in some other way special.

“Welcome, whoever you are, wherever you are.

Her post in remembrance of 9-1-1,  One Morning Eleven Years Ago, is worth your time to read. I hope you’ll stop by.


12 thoughts on “The best blog award and a link to — One Morning Eleven Years Ago”

  1. I wanted to credit Sharla and Catnip of Life for coming up with the award and making me feel that I’ve been unshackled, but I can’t seem to add her link … so I will just say that she really deserves the credit for this wonderful award because she IS wonderful!

  2. I am a regular reader of Teepee12’s blog. She is directly responsible for my entry into blogging. In retirement I have all the time in the world yet I don’t find this extra time a burden at all, instead, adding it to my full schedule of friends, travels and adventure.

    I too have been honored by the One Lovely Blog Award. I’m still building my collection of blog sites and will be forever indebted to good new blog suggestions. I’m glad you wrote this post as it’s been a struggle following blog sites that are active enough to review. I’m a hopelessly addicted writer, sharing what for me is an exciting life in a wonderful part of the country.

    Christine’s blog has me hooked so that one down and 50 to go. Still looking, still smiling! 🙂

    1. Teepee12’s is a great blog to read regularly. I’m always entertained, challenged and/or inspired by her and I’ve just started.

      I started out posting every day because WordPress had a post-a-day challenge. I liked the constancy of it, but it became oppressive after a while, especially when we traveled on weekends as we often do to visit our out of town children.

      I dropped back to weekdays only, which was better for a while. Then I got involved with a new writing project and dropped back to 2 or 3 times a week, usually.

      I feel like it is a big time commitment to keep up with the reading and commenting on others’ blogs. But now I also feel like I’ve made new friends and I want to keep up with their lives. It’s a dilemma.

      I do the best I can. Sometimes I am closely in tune with other blogs, and sometimes I go a week or two without reading them. I do what I can.

      Thanks for your interest. And as I often write inside the cover of my memoir, Dancing in Heaven— keep smiling.


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