A short ride on the Ohio River at dusk

Last night we went on a BB Riverboat cruise on the Ohio River with Scoot and Shoot from the West Chester Photo Club. The minute I stepped on the boat and looked around, I noticed the clouds—they were putting on a show.

It was just before dusk, and to our west, off the back of the boat, the Roebling Bridge and Paul Brown Stadium were becoming silhouettes against the evening sky.

We were on the Newport, Kentucky side of the river looking across at the Great American Ballpark and the Great American Building’s princess tiara in downtown Cincinnati.

Mark made himself comfortable on the third floor deck, while I shot around for a little while.

The sun started to set behind us, over the Roebling Bridge,

casting its rays up to Mount Adams that sparkled back in reply.

We passed stately church of the Immaculata, a beacon of light and hope from its high perch up on Mount Adams.

The sun behind us began to color the sky,

creating a soft pastel backdrop behind the Cincinnati skyline across the river from where we were

on the Belle of Cincinnati.

The nearly full moon rose to light the night sky.

Little lights along the hillside road reflected in streamers out across the water.

The curtain of clouds opened to reveal the hilltop buildings as we passed by.

Ahead turbulent clouds serpentined over our path,

yet behind us the sky remained soft and tranquil.

The lights from a little church begged for my star filter,

as I captured the light that shined in the darkness.

Sending you the wish that you may always find a light in the dark.

21 thoughts on “A short ride on the Ohio River at dusk”

  1. What a great night on the water!!! I loved the pictures as always and the trip looks like a really great thing to do on an early fall night! Chris and I have talked about taking a short cruise like that and it looks like a perfect night!!!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. That’s funny about Mark’s phone. He does that a lot which may be why he always looks like that in the photos. 🙂 I caught one of him doing something else today. Maybe I’ll post it soon.

  2. Great pics! The kid and I were in Cincy about three years ago on a baseball road trip. We drove down from Cleveland and Tyler was looking up stuff to do in Cincy before the ball game. He decided that he wanted to do the paddlewheel boat tour, but did not read enough to see that the boat departed on the Kentucky side of the river. We got to the stadium real early, parked, and then planned on walking to wherever the boat left from, thinking it was on the Ohio side of the river. Once we saw where the boat was docked, the kid actually was prepared to make us hike over that huge bridge, on foot, to get to the boat. We walked into Downtown instead and went up to the roof of the tallest building. Tyler says I still owe him that boat tour next time we are in that area. 🙂

    1. I think there used to be a boat or two on the Ohio side of the river. It seems like there used to be a theater boat down there. But now, all the boats are on the other side. Until tall stacks comes again – that’s something worth seeing. And you can plan ahead and take a ride, or get a meal on a variety of boats then. I heard it was coming back again after several years of hiatus.

      You can, however, fairly easily walk over the bridge. I used to do it in college because we could park for free in Kentucky, cheapskates that we were.

      You must have been in the Carew Tower across from Fountain Square. I was just there for the first time this year. Great views. I posted some in my Iconic Cincinnati post.


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