Mother Nature’s October paintbox

Our house is positioned to the left of this photo before the bend.

As we returned home from a long weekend in St. Louis, I saw that Mother Nature had been playing with her October paintbox.

She left vibrant colors that beckoned me through the window,

A view of the angel and woodland gardens through the garage door.

calling  for me to come outside and admire her work,

her entire color palette of greens, yellows, golds, orange, and reds, visible just a few steps away.

She left a soft highlight here,

the world on fire there,

a bright brush of yellow against the blue of the sky,

another here with dabs of orange and red.

I imagine Mother Nature smiles as she wields her brush. “Yes, this is good,” she whispers for no one to hear.

A stroke of bright red along a singular branch, and she laughs out loud as she continues along, the world her canvas.


30 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s October paintbox”

    1. I feel very inadequate trying to capture the beauty that surrounds us and bursts in all our windows right now. Because our house has large windows that face the woods behind and around us, the outside comes in at this time of year. I just love it.

  1. Autumn is definitely here and moving on quickly which makes me sad. I love the colors and scents of autumn and you captured the sights beautifully here. Thanks!

  2. You captured Autumn beautifully, in words as well as images. I love the idea of Mother Nature whispering, “Yes, this is good.” I bet she does just that. 🙂

    1. Thanks Julia. I wondered if you were getting done with fall by now. Ours lasts several weeks or a month here. Mark says that he read we should have good color because of the drought for some reason. So far that seems accurate.

  3. Hi Christine .. what great photos and beautiful part of the world … when I recently travelled up through England and then down to the west country – the trees weren’t as far gone as I thought they might be – there are some magnificent ruby reds around, and yes the leaves are turning … but plenty of green too ..

    Cheers Hilary

  4. Thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog. I’m glad to meet you. Your autumn photo shoot is gorgeous. I love fall colors and they look amazing around your house.

    1. Thanks, William. I wish I knew more about photography, but I suppose it just takes time and practice. The colors this year are gorgeous, the one down-side to being out of town right now. I suspect most of the leaves will be down when we return home. It’s been a beautiful fall.


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