Briefly on Friday

I wasn’t going to post today because:

1. I have nothing to say

2. You guys deserve a break from my incessant chatter

3. The house really needs to be cleaned

4. But I am reading a good book

5. All of the above

However, here I am, and I just can’t resist. So I grabbed my little book, Don’t Forget to Sing in the Lifeboats by Kathryn & Ross Petras and decided to post whatever was on the random page I turned to. This is it:


“Hope can neither be affirmed or denied. Hope is like a path in the countryside: Originally there was no pathβ€”yet, as people are walking all the time in the same spot, a way appears.” β€”Lu Xun, writer

Amidst increasing challenges for my father with his mobility, eating, tolerance of the condition he is in, and increasing demands on my mother who is bending under the burden, I continue to try to hold high a candle that I call hope, even though at times my arms grow weary.

Still singing in my lifeboat here.

23 thoughts on “Briefly on Friday”

  1. Finished your book. Very good. Started my day good, Opened a cabinet door and a one cup glass measuring cup fell out. i never saw so much glass from a small glass cup. I tried to catch it but i was half asleep. lolol Enjoy the book you are reading. judy

    1. Thanks for reading Annie’s story, Judy.

      Haha. I’m not laughing at your misfortune, but I can imagine myself doing the same thing. Some days we’re better off just going back to bed.

  2. I’m happy you posted. Keep hoping. Without hope we have little to inspire us to continue to put one front of the other every day and do what we have to do.

    1. You’re right about that. Hope takes on many forms, I guess. I’m not hoping for miracles, just the strength and endurance, especially for my mom, to see this through.


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