A love story

m&d at graduation
Spring, 1951

Soon it will be like when they first met.

He lived in his home and she lived in hers,

yet they thrived on being together.

At least once a day they talked by the phone,

plotting more moments together.

Evenings she rode her bike from her home,

pedaling a short distance to his.

In front of his house they sat, talked ’til dusk,

then looked forward to more times together.

Mom and Dad-250
Fall, 2012

After fifty-eight years of sharing a bed,

Soon he’ll sleep in his room, she in hers—

no longer sleeping together.

She’ll ride on a scooter from her room to his,

down the hall, through a door, a short distance.

They’ll sit and hold hands, she’ll speak soft words to him,

and they’ll cherish their time more than ever.

To all my dear friends, loyal readers, and random passers-by. Soon my parents will be moving to a new residence—Dad from the hospital, where he’s spent the last few days, to a skilled-nursing unit where he will be cared for, and Mom to a cozy assisted-living apartment in the same facility, where she will be supported as she fights a newly diagnosed cancer. Much has changed in a week.

I will likely not be writing, reading, or visiting for a while as I continue to devote my time and energy to supporting and easing this transition.

As always, your prayers and good wishes are welcome and appreciated.


23 thoughts on “A love story”

  1. Hi Christine .. my thoughts are with you – the change I’m sure will be beneficial to all – though the recent update is not too good – let’s hope your parents and you and the family have a settled relaxed future without too much stress, pain etc …. for as long as is possible … at least they will be looked after on a daily basis and you can ensure they have the best of life possible at this time. The Centre sounds ideal and thankfully they have the rooms available ..

    With big hugs … Hilary

  2. I noticed yesterday that you’d missed the week and wondered if something had happened. The change is good and bad. I know your Mom wanted to hang on, but it was apparent that something had to change soon. I hope they adjust well (well, your Mom – I’m not sure your Dad will adjust to anything much at this point) and that this works out. What a blessing that you can help with this.

    I loved the post and how you conveyed their love for each other.


  3. We moved Dad to a nursing home yesterday. It went fairly smoothly. I had a moment when we took him into the dining room, but the people there are nice, the facility comes highly recommended, and Dad seemed to adjust fairly well by the time I left him asleep in his bed.

    Mom has not been able to see him since he went to the hospital Tuesday night. She has been too tired, weak, and sick. The oncologist believes she has pancreatic cancer that is advanced and is now effecting other organs. We’re hoping to get her testing done so that they can begin a chemo treatment that will not cure, but has good success at controlling the pain. We are still hoping to be able to move her to the assisted living unit, but will have to see if she regroups.

    All hands are on deck here, and I feel fortunate to have three talented and capable siblings who are sharing the load we bear.

    Hospice will be visiting us at Mom’s this morning, and perhaps with Dad later. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. They give me comfort.

  4. Oh, Christine, I’m so glad I didn’t miss this post. I’m behind on my blog readings and am thankful I scrolled back far enough in my inbox to find this. Blessings to you and your family. Hugs and support–you’re in my heart and prayers!

  5. I’m new to your blog, having come across it ‘accidentally’ whilst renewing my own. The whole experience is being expressed so poetically and that brings the true reality of wisdom eldership and transitioning to a higher plane. Thank you. I send intentions for the fulfillment of all your parents’ spirits are deciding to create.

  6. Reblogged this on BluesVues’ Back Porch and commented:
    Christine’s post about her parents is poignant, wonderfully written, and as I wandered across the net whilst caring for my hubby who just came home from by-pass surgery, this post made me smile…thank you Christine…Peace. It’s Who We Are.


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