After the storm


Days stretch out in front of me


No eulogies to write,

slide shows to make,

funerals to plan.

No parents to visit,

or bags to pack

for overnight stays

at bedsides.

Unsigned and unsent Christmas cards in their boxes

and a renegade ornament

to put away.

A dining room table with photos to scan,

photos to return,

photos to share.

Dad’s box of blocks,

memory game cards,

a worn cookbook

with blotches and stains.

Less posts about Alzheimer’s.

More posts about grief.

Planters to water.

And a heart to heal.

Birds at the feeders,


16 thoughts on “After the storm”

  1. The good thing is that you are way ahead for Christmas next year. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with so much. Just know that everytime you post something I smile. Hang in there. I feel a trip to St. Louis in your future.

  2. Perhaps a trip to visit your kids and grandkids is in order? There are nothing like Wee Ones to bring us back to the present moment . . . rather than being lost in thoughts of what we’ve lost.

  3. I love the leather-bound book you shared. It looks like it took two groundhogs to search for shadows in your yard. The Light will return. Poignant poem, I understand the emotions behind it, trying to find your “new normal.” It is time to rest and recover until the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place. Until then, linger over the photos, relive precious moments, and observe your faithful, feathered friends. Not a one falls to the earth that The Father does not know…

  4. Hi Christine – it’s good to hear from you … the poem says so much.

    You have been through a great deal recently .. and all has come so quickly through … now is time to take your time – with no guilt about time taken – a little everyday – or not much … the space is your need … the Spring will bring walks, birds, new plant life …

    My thoughts are with you particularly and the family – remember the happy times … there can be no worries … you have done so much for your parents and Annie … with many hugs and thoughts for you Hilary


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