Arthur survives poisoning by moldy peanuts

I should have known better. I plead innocent by virtue of a grief-induced foggy mind. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

Over the past weeks since both my parents died, my siblings and I have made a valiant effort to clean-up, clear-out, and distribute the possessions that remained, bizarrely, after my parents departed. It’s one of the strangest things about this whole experience. The things they bought, used, loved, kept, didn’t know what to do with, are all still here, without them.

Anyway, in what seems like an endless series of trips home, from the house they lived in that was left behind, I brought home boxes of photos, books, china, memorabilia, and so forth that either I couldn’t part with, or thought that my parents would have wanted kept. I realize my parents’ wishes in this matter are dubious at this point, at best, but the mind and heart does strange things when facing the absoluteness of death of a loved one or two.

Mark and I brought home the bird feeders we had given my dad for Christmas a year or two ago. And while we were in the garage, with the tools and fishing poles that my father also left behind, we went ahead and took the bird seed containers as well, including the one that contained peanuts in the shell for a little wire snowman feeder.

This morning I saw the birds checking out our empty feeders and I decided I would feed them the peanuts. In my exuberance to feed the birds, I remembered the little squirrels who are hungry, and threw a couple of handfuls of the peanuts on the ground in the garden. Arthur, who was accompanying me in my works of generosity for nature’s creatures, immediately snagged a peanut and ran off with it.

At first I was worried, confusing peanuts for chocolate momentarily and trying to remember if Arthur was allergic to peanuts. By the time he returned to grab a second peanut, having devoured the first one shell and all, I realized that if Arthur could eat peanut-butter, which he can, he should be able to eat peanuts.

Then a nagging thought occurred to me, how old were those peanuts anyway? And the old girl scout song, Found a Peanut, in which someone finds a peanut, cracks it open, finds it is rotten, eats it anyway, and ends up getting sick and then dying, from decades ago came back to haunt me. By now Arthur has returned for at least a third, and possibly fourth peanut.

I crack one open. It is moldy.

I grab all the peanuts I can find on the ground and throw them away. I empty the bird feeder of peanuts.

I think Arthur’s stomach will reject the moldy peanuts he ate if they are a problem and he will likely throw up.

But he’s just a little dog.

So I call the vet.

Three hoursΒ  and $94 later, I pick Arthur back up from the animal hospital where his system has been chemically purged, then chemically calmed down again. Except for a shaved area on his right front leg that they used for the IV, Arthur does not seem any worse for the wear.


But his long-overdue haircut scheduled for tomorrow will have to wait.

What kind of responsible pet owner would deliberately traumatize the little guy two days in a row?


31 thoughts on “Arthur survives poisoning by moldy peanuts”

  1. Great, now I have “Found a Peanut” stuck in my head. I’m glad Arthur is okay. I think he looks good a little fuzzy. It must be warmer.

    1. I thought this one would get a response out of you. Sorry about the song.
      I like Arthur fuzzy too; he’s very soft. But brushing him is a nuisance. No one trained him to stand still for it.

  2. I think he has a little fashion statement going on! How about doing the other three legs the same just so his friends don’t make fun of him? Seriously, I’m glad he is OK. He is a cute little guy!

    1. I did think he looked a little more like the “poodle” with this haircut than the “pekinese.” Maybe I should consider doing the other three. I’d probably have to take him back to the vet for it, though, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t stand still for it for me. Obedience is not his strong point. πŸ™‚

  3. Christine, it must be hard to see and handle all the objects your parents cared about, wondering what to do with each. Just know I’m thinking of you.
    And you saved little Arthur! Your quick way of thinking and acting may have saved his life. Give him a pet on his cute white head from me? πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, it has been hard to see and handle all the things Mom and Dad loved. I’ve brought Dad’s bell collection here because he loved it, Mom gave him the bells one at a time, and others offered him additional bells as gifts. I had to order a new curio cabinet for them. Mom didn’t make a lot of requests, but she did ask that we keep the bell collection together. So I have it.

      It’s very difficult to wrap my mind around all of it. I was told, and have read, that the 2 – 3 month mark is a difficult time. I am finding that to be true.

      I will give Arthur a little pat for you. He is a comfort to me.

  4. That sounds like a big and difficult job sorting through everything — I’m sorry it’s such a hard time… (p.s. I had no idea moldy peanuts were a problem for dogs! I hate to think how many Abby has ingested over the years, eeks… maybe not that many since she’s okay!)

    1. Well, if Arthur wasn’t a peanut-sized dog, and was more robust like Abby, I probably wouldn’t worry about it too much either.

      It was a big and difficult job. And now, as having been proclaimed the family historian by my siblings, I have a dining room table full of photos and memorabilia that I continue to sort, scan, and save. It may never end.

      1. My Dad died in December, of pneumonia, at age 89. My Mom died 28 years ago, of cancer. We brought Dad into our home for the last 18 months of his life. He was special – an artist, and a kind man with many interests.

        The thought of going through the photos, artwork, cards & letters, books, music, movies, etc has been overwhelming. I have made many starts and stops (seems like more stops that starts!)

        Now that Spring finally seems to have arrived, my spirit is lifting. Reading your posts strikes deep sympathetic chords. Maybe I will go into that room that was my Dad’s studio and start again.

        I am compiling a container for each of my brothers (5) and my sister, with photos and their own artwork they did as children that my Dad saved all these years, birth and baptism certificates, more photos. I am scanning a lot of the photos, art, letters, and my Dad’s last journal onto a blogsite.

        I want to memorialize my Dad and my Mom’s life together – if I can just get revitalized to do it.

        Blessings to you in the loss of your parents.

        Your new follower,

  5. The sorting is so difficult and bittersweet and wonderful all rolled into one! I would have done the exact same thing with the feeders and peanuts and would have never given a thought about them being moldy!! Poor Arthur–if he wasn’t such a little “piggy” he would have been fine!!! πŸ™‚ Glad he (and YOU) got through all that ordeal okay even if it was $94 later. I thought twice today about letting the cats have an old set of earbuds to play with since Buddy has had a string issue before…….Glad all is well. Keep plugging along. You can do it! I have faith in you!

    1. You expressed the sorting so well. But then you’ve been through it yourself.

      Yes. I have heard strings can be a very big problem with pets. It’s a wonder any of us can keep them alive.

  6. so much to take care of, so many memories moving in and out of your heart, so much emotion to process, no wonder you didn’t even think about how old those peanuts might be. But, you saved Arthur and that’s what matters, truly.

  7. Arthur looks like his happy little self. I wouldn’t have had second thoughts about the peanuts, either. I’m glad they were able to treat him, just in case.
    Yes, that is a tough time. I’m glad all of you (siblings) are working together and getting along well. It doesn’t take much of a spark to ignite those raw emotions. My prayers are with you.

    1. Thanks, Patti. We are working together now, but we came through some pretty rough patches at first. Everyone reacts to grief differently.

  8. Hi Christine .. poor Arthur – and old peanuts are really poisonous … I don’t think I would have known either – except recently something sank in! I expect Arthur will make a miraculous and happy recovery … then the hair cut!

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Paula. It’s always good to hear from you. We are slowly getting our feet back under us. The house has been sold, unless something catastrophic happens. It looks really nice with the new carpet and paint. Most of the furniture and other household items have been moved out. We all took some things. It’s been hard. But I think Mom and Dad would be pleased with the fact that the house sold so easily.

  9. Hope Arthur has a better day today …. and a few days off before the upcoming trauma. … Strength to you during the sorting, but may it also bring you unexpected joys!

    1. It does bring unexpected joys. I’m just trying to preserve the memories and those things my parents saved that they held dear.

      Arthur is getting his hair cut this morning. More on that later.

  10. I am glad Arthur is ok and none the worse for his ordeal He still is looking happy … Its always a difficult time house clearing. and I hope that soon you and your family settle as the Spring puts life back into our stride…
    Take care and thinking of you

      1. We are too Christine….. Roads were blocked with drifts and in some areas a few miles away roads still not good… Everyone is yearning for Spring… Everywhere I read … Snow is cleansing and we will love Spring and the warmth all the more for having suffered a long winter.. We have had the longest winters here in the UK for 50 yrs this year..
        So I certainly understand your feelings πŸ™‚
        Keep warm and stay safe.. Love Sue xox

  11. With all you’ve been going through it’s often difficult to remember to…dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. That you thought about Arthur’s well-being amidst all the turmoil is a testament to your love for all who are fortunate to fall under your gaze.

    lucky arthur…to be loved by you. πŸ™‚

      1. Obviously Arthur reigns happily in his kingdom…and is well cared for by those who love him…and whom he loves in return. πŸ™‚


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