A conversation with Arthur regarding his haircut


The day had finally arrived. Arthur was going to the groomers. “Let’s go, Arthur,” I said, “we’re going for a ride.”


I’m not buying that ride stuff,” Arthur said. “The last time we went for a ride they shaved my leg, stuck a needle in it, made me throw up multiple times, and then kept me in a cage for three hours.

“Come on, Arthur. You need a haircut.”


I don’t know why you say that.

Four hours later Arthur returns home with his new haircut.


Dang. They put a scarf on me again. And they didn’t fix the place on my leg where they shaved me. I look like a half-baked poodle.


“You’re so clean, and nice and soft, Arthur.”


I wonder if I can lick this perfume off.

“Arthur, look at me so I can take your picture.”


Really? Haven’t you done enough for one day?


Maybe I can rub this off,


or roll it off.


If I can just push a little harder.


Yes. I think this is working.


Hey, did somebody say ‘squirrel’?

“Arthur, watch me.”


Nope. I’m not. I’m not going to look at you.


I’m going to hang my head in shame until my hair grows back.


This is as good as it gets.”

“Good boy.”


26 thoughts on “A conversation with Arthur regarding his haircut”

  1. Adorable! And you know Arthur well enough, I can tell, to know exactly what he’s thinking. When I take my golden to the groomer, we go through a very similar routine. Oh, the looks of consternation on his face, that I would make him go through such indignity! Only his human family appreciates the new look….

    1. He does have a lot of facial expressions. It’s just a good thing he is small and I can pick him up when I need to, because obedient he is not. I’m thinking about trying with charm school once again.


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