A deer in the woodland garden


While sitting at my kitchen table eating dinner yesterday, I thought I saw something moving in my woodland garden.

Even though we cleared a lot of the dense overgrown honeysuckles from the woodland garden since we’ve been here, the deer wears its camoflage well and is not readily visible.


It’s rare for us to see only one deer. The deer that frequent our yard are typically a mother with two fawn, now yearlings.


I spot what I think is a deer lying down through the fence of our neighbor’s yard. I’m not sure, but there may be two deer over there.


You can make at least one out a little bit better in this cropped version of the previous photo, in the upper left corner. The second may be between the visual “v” created by the evergreen tree.


The deer in our garden is nosing around in the clearing we created at the top of the small hill.


Oh. She’s dropping to her knees.


Well, look at that. She’s lying down for a bit of a rest.


She looks quite comfy and content, doesn’t she? Although she’s keeping an eye out for me and the little light that flashes when I shoot a photo from inside the kitchen door.


Aww. She’s sleepy.


Whoops. Something spooked her. See how her ears are perked up?


Never mind. She needs a nap, and this is a good place to take one.


I don’t know how long she slept. When next I checked she was busy pruning my stella doras.


You probably think she’s a nuisance and is in it only for herself. But not me.


I can tell she’s trying to be helpful by the way she systematically nips off the tops of each and every stella dora plant, working her way down the garden.

Who can complain? She’s a sweet little darling.

I’m happy to have her around.

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16 thoughts on “A deer in the woodland garden”

  1. Oh my gosh, she is so lovely! Now you are really making me miss the NE, Christine.
    She blends so perfectly with her background, it’s amazing. Great photos, btw.

    1. Thanks, Cynthia. Every location has its advantages and disadvantages, I suppose. I still remember your comment on the warm temperatures you were enjoying while we were getting snow dumped on our heads yet again.

    1. I know. One night when we lived at our last house, we came home at night to find a deer lying down underneath our big tree in the front yard. Precious.

    1. I know. They are quite comfortable here. I can go outside and yell for Arthur, and they just stand there. It’s amazing. I want to give them apples.


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