Rock House rocks

At first the path to rock house was a gentle walk through the cedar  hemlock trees. (According to the signage at Cedar Falls, there are no cedar trees at Hocking Hills State Park.) Then we encountered the steps and more steps and hilly terrain. It was one of those deals where you get halfway down and wonder if you will be able to make it back out. But it was worth the trip.

Although Arthur was a competent and enthusiastic hiker, the jury is still out on whether he is going to be a frequent traveling companion. Perhaps a trip once a year or so is all he requires.

13 thoughts on “Rock House rocks”

  1. The Rock House is indeed beautiful. I enjoyed looking at these, Christine. Wondering how you (and others) put in these photos in a single grouping like this? (If it’s too long of an explanation, don’t worry about answering. I’m often technologically challenged anyway.)

  2. It’s really easy, Kathy. It is called a gallery. On your image upload page, to the left you have a create gallery option. I’m doing this by memory, so it may not be exactly right. You select the photos you want in the gallery (you have to upload them first), and then on the right i think you have to click create new gallery. You have the options of what kind of gallery you want, one of the options is a slide show. This one was a tiled mosaic. I think there are two other choices.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Hilary. It’s fun to imagine living there. Although the interior floor was wet, so I doubt it was ever used as a residence.

  3. what a beautiful spot. A lot of steps for sure, but there is something bout being surrounded by rocks that have been present for millenniums that makes us mindful of all that has gone before us and all that will remain long after we have passed this way.

    1. I know. It’s impossible not to think about the others who passed this way. Part of me yearns to live in the simplicity of those caves, but mostly I am reminded of how grateful I am for modern conveniences. 🙂


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