First fawn sighting

Today I saw a fawn for the first time this year.

I had been outside taking photographs for a what’s-blooming-now post. I was thinking about the fact that I hadn’t seen any fawns yet and I was feeling kind of sad thinking that maybe our doe wouldn’t be back.

I came inside and started working with my photos on my computer when out of the corner of my eye I saw an animal run through our front yard and across the drive into the woods where he or she stopped. A fawn! My next move is always to look for the doe who I saw in our yard on this side of the drive.

Oh no. A truck was coming. The doe was clearly distressed, but personal fear overtook her maternal instinct and she ran back from the road. I was terrified the fawn would follow and possibly get hit by the truck. But the story had a happy ending. After the truck left the doe came back and made it across the drive. I don’t know what kind of trouble that fawn might be in, however.

I don’t think this is the same doe we’ve had in the past. She seems younger and isn’t limping. I wonder if she is one of the fawns we’ve seen returning to a childhood playground.

I love watching the fawns.

Unfortunately, the best I could do with a photo is this one of the doe, or the doe’s nose, actually.


So I’ll be on the hunt with my camera to capture the little fawn. It makes for good sport in the long days of summer.

And because I was fooling around with my camera and watching the fawn’s drama, I’m out of time. The other blooming post will have to wait.

Life goes on.

14 thoughts on “First fawn sighting”

  1. We had a ton of deer and fawns when we lived in Omaha. Sometimes you’d see a big group of them playing together while their Momma’s supervised. I was surprised they were so friendly together too – not at all territorial it seems.


  2. I haven’t seen any fawns yet this year, although one of our neighbors had one in their yard. I always worry about the traffic in front of our house. Normally it isn’t too busy but we are now on a street that is a detour for road under construction so the traffic is heavier. I always worry about the deer.

    1. I don’t know where the deer have to travel from to get here. I suspect they cross roads somewhere. Our drive can sometimes have a delivery truck barreling down it. I don’t worry about the adults, the the little guy didn’t seem to be paying too much attention to where he was going.

    1. I’ve thought about getting a salt lick. A couple of winters ago I bought something called a deer block maybe. Can’t recall exactly. But it had actual food packed together, like corn kernels and seeds. I got a few deer coming around with that.

      1. Most of their lives, in the country. It was only for the first few years of marriage, and their last couple of years in a city setting. When I grew up, the odd deer sighting happened, but when they moved up to Muskoka, it was more common, friendlier ground for deer.


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