In case you’re wondering

Thank you all for sharing your blog-following methods with me. I got a lot of good ideas from your comments.

My over-achiever tendencies kicked in and I decided to try it all.

1. I moved all the blogs I follow into my WordPress Reader. Thank you Nancy from Living the Seasons, and Beth Ann at It’s Just Life for the tip.

2. I subscribed to the blogs I’m most concerned about through an instant or daily email, and others I like to keep up with through a weekly digest from WordPress. Thanks Nancy from Spirit Lights the Way for the reminder about the weekly digest.

3. I visited each blog this morning, copied the URL and linked it onto a page on my blog I created. I made a simple graphic in Photoshop, put it in a widget in my sidebar and linked it to the Blogs I Follow page. I’m going to use the page on my blog to quickly get back to posts I want to reference.

4. While I still had the URL for a particular blog copied on my computer’s clipboard, I also pasted it into a Feedly reader account.  I’m going to use Feedly to read and keep up with the blogs I read. Thank you Hilary at Positive Letters-Inspirational Stories, Mara at Africa to Algarve, Linda at A Slice of Life Writing, and Norma at Beishir Books who all spoke highly of Feedly and convinced me to try it.

Here’s what I like so far about Feedly:

1. I can organize the blogs I follow into folders that I create. So I made folders for “friends,” “photography,” “writing,” etc. Some blogs I am more concerned about keeping up with than others, so I think this will help. (I’m pretty sure Feedly has other ways of helping organize and prioritize feeds, but I’m still learning.)

2. I can choose different options for displaying the blog feeds: a list, a list with a thumbnail (my preference), a cards view (like little index cards across and down the page), or a running stream of full posts.

3. I can visit each blog, read a list of the posts I’ve missed, and choose those I want to read. Then I can mark them all as “read.” (That’s one of the things I liked the best about Google Reader.)

I put a bookmark to Feedly in my toolbar so that will make it easy to find. (I deleted my Google Reader bookmark.)

I eventually hope to stop most, if not all, email subscriptions and get in the habit of checking Feedly daily.

And today I feel like I just did spring cleaning. Wonderful.

I may have missed a blog here or there and will keep revising both my “Blogs I Follow” page and Feedly account as I go. Please forgive me if I’ve missed yours. I’ll eventually figure it out.


25 thoughts on “In case you’re wondering”

  1. Wow ~ Sounds like you did some major organizing and clearing out today ~ that must have felt great. Love ya

    1. I did. I have so much more to do.
      I’m also making progress on Mom and Dad’s photos. I finished 1998 today. Only about 13 or 14 more years to go. Then it’s on to the slides. . .

    1. Thanks, Colline. Not my ideas, as noted. I’m hopeful I will keep up with things better and not be as likely to have things and people fall through the cracks. 😛

  2. As someone who had no good advice for you the other day, as I still do email, this “Feedly” thing sounds fabulous. I may have to give it a try. By the way, I checked today. Guess how many blogs I follow. 157–I kid you not. I think that’s nuts. Gotta thin things out.

  3. Wow – I’m impressed (and not a little jealous). I should do everything you mention here. It’s just intimidating to me – I feel like each new thing I learn on blogging takes so much experimentation and time. Sigh. But I shall try!

    1. Already I’m thinking you don’t need to do everything. I recommend getting a Feedly account and using it. I think that’s where all this is headed.

    1. Already I can see that using email subscriptions is going to add effort. I don’t think Feedly will know that I read the blog post, so I’ll have to go into Feedly and mark it as read. This double effort takes time and is unnecessary. I’m probably going to just go with Feedly. Stay tuned.

  4. What a helpful post, Christine! I have managed to drag my feet so long in setting up a feeder — i.e. Google Reader – that it’s now defunct. Knowing that Feedly is out there is tremendously helpful. You’ve inspired me to get my butt in gear and do the same. Thanks! Hope the birds are visiting in great quantities this summer. Any luck with hummers nesting?

    1. It doesn’t take that long really if you visit, cut, and paste.
      I am not seeing my little hummer lately. I don’t know if he is still around or not. I haven’t been watching lately.

      How about you?

  5. It’ll take you time to get used to!

    In regards to your question at my page, Canada Day marks the anniversary of July 1st, 1867, when the British North America Act was passed. It brought together four provinces at the time into a self governing dominion within the British empire, and set the foundation for the country and its constitution. The rest of the provinces and territories followed in the years afterwards.

    1. Thanks William, for the encouragement and the history lesson. My knowledge of American History is remedial at best, so I hope you don’t mind if I know little to nothing about Canada. I’m thinking about learning it though. Driving north to explore your beautiful country is starting to sound appealing to me. The photos you posted the other day inspired me.

      1. No, but the Civil War certainly made Confederation a more suitable arrangement both for us and for Britain. America was perceived as an annexation threat, which made formalizing a bond more urgent during that war, and at the same time, tens of thousands of Canadians went south and fought in that war. Afterwards, veterans of the war, Irish born, tried to launch attacks into Canada to hold it ransom and force the British into giving up Ireland. It was called the Fenian Raids, and it was a factor that finally led to the Americans and British making a formal peace in the years after the Civil War.

  6. Thanks for this Christine! Another blogger I know of started using Feedly so I’m going to look into it. I need to up my blogger’s game.

    1. I like it so far, with the exception that it is not available as an app for iPad, which unfortunately is where I do most of my blog reading. They are working on one. I don’t know how long it will take. In the meantime I did find another reader for my iPad that has some kind of interface with Feedly. We’ll see how that goes.


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