Scenes of summer

Morning swim lesson at the VOA – June 2013

I’ve been snapping photos here and there the last few weeks. I’m taking this opportunity to share them with you now.

Hummingbird – June 04, 2013

This little hummer was making daily visits for a while. I haven’t seen him lately. He liked some of the potted plants on our deck.

House wren – June 04, 2013

I call this one  “House wren in bird house.”

Fawn – July 18, 2013

This hillside across the drive from our house used to be thick with honeysuckle. Mark has cleared a large section of it out. The little fawn decided to take a bit of a rest here.

Fawn – July 18, 2013

I didn’t see the mother nearby. Perhaps she told this little guy to wait for her here.

Sunflowers – July 19, 2013

Not bad for a few volunteers. I’m enjoying the height and color they’ve added to my garden.

Male American Goldfinch on sunflowers – July 19, 2013

I call this one “Elevensies” after a tradition brought to me by a good friend and once-coworker, Cathy, who needed that morning snack to get through to lunch.

Young buck – July 18, 2013

I’m not sure why this buck only has one antler. I googled it and nosed around a bit, but there was too much reading involved for the amount of time I wanted to spend. Perhaps you know and can tell me.

Male American Goldfinch on sunflower – July 19, 2013

I call this one “Yellow.”

Female American Goldfinch on sunflower – July 19, 2013

Let’s not forget the female. She clearly wanted her portrait taken as well.

House wren – July 20, 2013

I was sitting at my computer desk, minding my own business, when this little guy started hopping back and forth on the two porch rockers sitting outside our large study window. He was there for quite a while before he flew up into the tree. And he was giving me the what-for. I’m not sure what he was carrying on about.

I suppose that’s just one more thing I’ll never know.

33 thoughts on “Scenes of summer”

  1. lovely to see all the new life around you. I think that last little wren was wanting honourable mention! How sweet to see the fawn and your sunflowers are so bright and perky. I didn’t plant any this year so loved seeing yours.

  2. So lovely. So truly lovely. As I sit in the office today, out there they are live, fresh, naturally beautiful.

  3. What? You don’t speak “House Wren?” 🙂 Loved seeing your pictures. You live in a veritable Eden. The goldfinches on the sunflowers photos are so colorful. That is interesting about the single antler.

    1. Ha ha. I think the antler must have gotten broken off somehow. It’s odd to see a buck around here, but I suspect he was one of the fawns that has passed through here over the years.

    1. Thanks Susan. I took a gazillion shots. I’ve been trying to capture a hummingbird with my camera for years. Usually they fly by too fast, but this one wanted to stop and stay for a while.

  4. Amazing photos and the garden surroundings are lush! What a joyous place to wander around in.

  5. Christine, you may be envious of my allotment garden, but I am so envious of your natures view from your window,. How lovely these images are… So love them…. Thank you for sharing them and your thoughts
    Sue xxx

  6. Lovely photos, Christine, thanks for sharing. Here in South Africa we’re in winter though its been pretty mild and there are early signs of spring, weavers building nests in the tree outside …


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