Desire — chipmunk antics — or chipmunk versus sunflower


Morning entertainment today is brought to you by one of the many little chipmunks that scurry around our gardens, digging tunnels under our yard.

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10 thoughts on “Desire — chipmunk antics — or chipmunk versus sunflower”

  1. Chipmunks are odd little fellows, to say the least. I had no idea they tunneld, though. Here in Washington, the only time I came across them is when I use to backpack (many years ago now) and they would sneak into camp and try to take food that was left unattended…especially the trail mix…so we really had to be careful. This fellow is quite the showman…if only he knew.

  2. Wow. I’m a whole month behind now. Thank you all for stopping by and commenting. I did read your comments when they came through, I just neglected to respond. My excuse is that we were getting ready for our son’s wedding in Buffalo. I hate making excuses, but there you have it. I’ve been pretty much AWOL from the blogging world since then, with the exception of an occasional blog post going out. I’ll get better eventually, and I do miss reading about what you’re doing, thinking, photographing . . .


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