What’s blooming now that it’s September

It’s been a while since I photographed the flowers in our gardens, but to be honest, it’s been a rough summer on them and they haven’t looked all that picture worthy.

Recently Mark and I spent a couple of days digging out the last swatch of Chameleon Ivy tangled with the roots of the Liriope and Daylilies in the Angel Garden. Halleluia. I think we are done with that for the most part.

In our St. Francis Garden the roses have made a come-back since earlier scorching heat followed by a good drenching, or vice versa, pretty much decimated them. I cut them all back and they came out in full force a week or two ago. They are starting to fade now. And the Sedum are starting to turn color. Otherwise it is pretty lean pickin’s in the garden. We plan to plant some mums again this fall. For some reason we’ve not had good success with them here.

Out front the Hosta are blooming and so are the Liriope. We have quite a few Liriope around the yard and in the garden.

We added a few Caryopteris to the Angel Garden last year. I’ve always loved this blue misty bush.

And finally a single zinnia bloom made it to the light of day. I think the deer have been pruning the plants that sprouted from the seeds I planted in the spring. I like to cut zinnias to bring them inside. Perhaps a bud vase this year. I dead-headed the spent daisies a few weeks ago while we were working on the ivy, but a few are brightening up the garden still. Let’s hear it for the late bloomers. We put marigolds in a bare spot that we are trying to decide what to do with. We may keep that area for annuals. It’s nice to have color you can count on all summer.

I was thinking about abandoning the Woodland Garden. It is just a lot of gardens to take care of. But I walked up there today to see if there were any wildflowers blooming. The Woodland Garden looks so inviting. I startled a robin that was perched on a tree. I may take my camera and camp out on the bench some afternoon to see if any of my winged friends come to call. I think I may keep the garden after all.


And my final bloomer isn’t a flower at all, bu the berries that came after the flowers on the Gray Dogwood trees (or shrubs). I think they deserved mention. Don’t you?

How are the flowers doing where you are?

23 thoughts on “What’s blooming now that it’s September”

  1. I’ve resisted the temptation to cut them all to the ground, hoping that going to seed will ensure a nice turnout next year. The butterfly bush, coneflowers and bee balm did well, but lantana, black-eyed susans and some potted plants have powdery mildew from all the rain. Your Caryopteris is a nice color, I don’t remember seeing it here. The dogwood berries are quite pretty.

    1. I love the Caryoperis. It can be finicky though. I had a beautiful one once that lasted several years and then all of a sudden died off. It’s hard to know sometimes. This has been a rough year here too.

    1. I know! We finished the last of our digging (I truly hope). Now we’re just trying to pluck the little die-hards out as they come up. Hopefully there is an end to this project.

    1. Thanks, Hugmamma. I’ve missed you. I haven’t been able to keep up myself. I’m hoping after the big party we’re throwing to celebrate our son’s wedding. . .

      1. No worries. We’re all trying to hang in there. So much to do…so little time. Ain’t that the truth! Much happiness to your son and his bride…and all of you. Joy does follow sorrow…you certainly deserve an abundance of joy. hugs for the mother of the groom… 🙂


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