The party goes on

Arthur-Dec 6-10-2013-25-smChristmas has come.

The snow is gone, but the lighted trees still shine, the cans are full of cookies, the refrigerator and pantry are stocked to brimming, and the party continues.

We’ll see our oldest son, his wife, and their two young children today. They’ll bring Christmas magic our way.

And tomorrow our family will be here, complete, when our Buffalo artist and his wife arrive.

I hope your holiday has been filled with sweet, though fleeting, moments to cherish.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.


11 thoughts on “The party goes on”

  1. Happy Christmas Christine .. it does sound as though having your family around is the best thing at the moment – so pleased for you … have a peaceful and blessed rest of the year and then the start of an easier, more settled year ahead .. with thoughts – Hilary

  2. Hi Christine! Happy New Year! Arthur looks so cute peeking in the window. Does he like the snow? It sounds like your Christmas was busy, a good busy, surrounded by those you love. We traveled, came home with colds and have nearly recovered. 🙂


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