An owl in daytime

I spotted an owl in a tree in the woods above the creek yesterday afternoon.

Owl-2014 - 01-25

I watched this owl as it slowly rotated his head around from front to back. Owls can truly look behind them and can turn their heads nearly 360 degrees according to National Geographic. This is necessary because the owls’ eyes are in fixed sockets and can’t move around like ours do.

I’m pretty sure the owl I saw is one of the Great Horned Owls that we often hear at night or in the early morning hours.

Two Great Horned Owls viewed at 9:00 a.m. on December 23, 2013.

 I’ve seen one or two perched above the creek before. It must be good hunting ground.

Owl-2014 - 01-09-8-48am
Great Horned Owl viewed at 9:00 a.m. on January 9, 2014.

Many people believe that if you see an owl in the daytime it is a bad sign. From early times, across many civilizations, owls have been viewed as harbringers of bad luck, ill health, or death and destruction. But sometimes owls are seen as divine messengers of the gods. (Radha on Yahoo answers – 2008)

For many people the owl is a symbol for wisdom.

At Symbolic Meanings by Avia she explains that although owls are associated with death in certain cultures, it is “revered (honored) as being the guardian of the after-life.”

Furthermore, Avia explains, as a creature of the night, the owl is symbolic of inner-knowing, psychic ability, and intuition. “If an owl has visited you,” she says, ” an incredible gift has been bestowed.”

Is the owl a harbringer of death or wisdom?

Unlike known and provable facts like the earth is round, beliefs can be chosen.

On this first anniversary of my father’s death, I don’t have to tell you which belief I’m going with.

Thank you universe for the gift.

21 thoughts on “An owl in daytime”

  1. We had several living in the woods near us in Omaha. My husband had his orchids in an unattached garage and they’d startle him sometimes when he’d walk back to the house after dark. It was cool though having them nearby. You got some good pictures!


    1. It’s good to hear from you Nancy. I’ll have to stop over and see what you’ve been up to. I do like the owls, although I can imagine if one flew at me it would probably freak me out.

  2. Excellent photography! I don’t know when I’ve seen a photo of a pair of owls.

    Lots of Chinese symbolism is based on the sound of the word IN CHINESE. For example, when an owl says “hu,” it sounds as though it’s saying “digging” in Chinese. But since it doesn’t sound like “digging” in English, I don’t think the symbolism applies to us English speakers. I’d say, seeing those beautiful owls is good luck.

  3. I hear them, but never see them. I see the hawks, eagles, woodpeckers and lots of critters, but the owls are very well camouflaged. Amazing that you not only saw them, but caught them with the camera!

    1. I’ve been able to find them because of hearing them first. They tend to hang around the same places so I know where to look. They also appear as a large lump on the limb in the woods. I spot them that way sometimes.

  4. I’ve heard owls in the summer at night, but I’ve never ever seen an owl live in the wild. It would be so nice to do that..maybe someday. I see the owl sighting as possibly a sign from your folks that they’re all right. But that’s just me. Either way I’m glad you got to see him!

    1. Living here was the first I’d ever seen an owl in the wild. It still amazes me everytime I do. When I saw them recently, I thought the same thing, that they were a sign. Thank you.

  5. I love owls. Many years ago my son and I were driving through the cemetery on the way to school. We loved this route because we often spotted coyotes. It was a great way to start the day. This morning, out the fog, an owl caring a squirrel flew directly in front of the car. Cole must have been about 8 and I was worried he would be sad about the squirrel—not at all he was delighted and oh so excited! He quipped that the owl had breakfast to go just like we had that morning. In an attempt to draw some empathy for the squirrel I said, Poor squirrel, to which he remarked that owls had to eat too. True, I guess. Gruesome little boys.
    Your owl is amazing and very handsome—absolutely no doubt that it was a sign from your parents, how could it not be!

    1. I’m glad your son took that owl and squirrel experience so practically. I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been so cavalier, even though I love the owls, realize they have to eat too, and am a meat-eater myself. I just hope I never have to witness it. We have seen the aftermath of an owl’s or hawk’s successful hunting as a patch of downy feathers in our garden.

  6. About 25 years ago- 6th grade- my older brother and I had heard an owl at night. We decided the next day to go for a hike where we thought we had heard it coming from- it was across a couple of corn fields and into the woods over a mile from our house. We talked about how cool it would be to find the owl but never expected we would during the middle of the day. We walked into the woods a bit until we happened upon a clearing. In the middle of the clearing was a giant old tree stump all gnarled and miss ridden. The sun was shining a bright beam through the canopy right onto the stump. On top the stump was the biggest great horned owl I have ever seen. We froze in awe as it looked at us and paused before it flew away. I always thought it was a great experience and it always stuck with me. However I am SO glad I had never heard of these Indian death prophecies at the time!!! It was one of the few times in my life I have seen an owl in the wild (although we hear a lot) let alone mid-day!

  7. Of my drive way and i looked directly above my head were the telephone wires run and there the owl was calmly perched . the 4th there were four baby owls in my back yard i would stand there motionless with my arms out like a statue and they says:

    I have seen a total of 6 owls within the past two years. The first one i was in my back yate and something fell from the tree right in front of me. It was a médium sized owl with an injuryed wing. I pick it up every so gently kept it in a small dog kennal i had over night i called a placed that rescued owls. They told me o could take it there. The 2nd one. Was very big i was getting something out of my car and as i stood there locking my car door. I looked toward the street because cara were coming toward my direction. All the sudden i see the tree kind swoosh down so I looked and i was an owl flying out of the tree right over me into my yard onto my mail box. It just dar there calm just as i stood there calm no more than my cars lenght away from each other. The 3rd one it was late like 1am i was going to go to 7 11 and i walked to the end

  8. They are a great beautiful bird, I’ve seen one during day twice in this week.(9am and 11 am) I’ve never seen one during daytime before. I feel blessed, it landed low in the tree above me. Set and looked at me as I walked away it flew away. I know ird very odd so I’m going to believe it’s a blessing. I know it was beautiful
    Wish I would have took a picture


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