Signs of spring at the VOA


A man is fishing.

03-ducks-2014-04-21Ducks are swimming.

04-robin-2014-04-21A robin rests.


A kite flies.


A grebe migrates through.


And Arthur, me, and my shadow are walking again.

It was in the 60s here today.

It’s time, Spring, and we’re all more than ready.


17 thoughts on “Signs of spring at the VOA”

  1. Gosh, I bet you are thrilled for the warmer weather! It’s been an awful winter, from what I hear. Love the photos–especially the one of sweet Arthur. Hope the weekend weather is similar!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  2. Welcome Spring indeed! Here in Kamloops BC it’s been cooler than normal but we have been enjoying the sunshine. Forecasting a warming trend for next week. I can’t wait. I want to get my hands dirty in the garden!

  3. We still haven’t had many days warm enough to get outside and walk. It’s lovely to see spring arriving in all the many ways you illustrated.


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