Hello again. It’s been a while

I seem to have lost my get-up-and-go, or maybe I should say, my sit-down-and-type. How are you making it through the winter?

I stopped by here and was surprised to see that my last post was two months ago. I’ve fallen a long way from my initial lofty ambitions of a-post-a-day. But if the truth be known, I think that was a slight overkill. Who wants to be bombarded with chatter from me every morning?

I did manage to finish a working manuscript of my father’s story that I hope to publish through my LLC, Grote Ink, sometime later this year. I’ve had an inertia problem with that project from the beginning, probably because of the emotional challenge it presents.

I’m thinking about putting my genealogy online through a separate WordPress blog, although I haven’t moved that project any further than the thinking-about-it stage. My interest in genealogy waxes and wanes through the years. I put it aside until someone follows the online breadcrumbs and contacts me introducing him- or herself as a distant relative seeking information β€” always a thrill.

I’m more focused lately on my photography. I am learning Adobe Lightroom and Elements software. My brain is becoming less flexible right along with the muscles in my body that resist, creak, groan, and generate pain when I call them to task. I suppose the only way to combat the aging body is to strengthen the will.


That’s about all I’ve got this morning. I’m sitting here beside a fireplace I’ve yet to light, enjoying the glitter of the snow just outside the window as it sparkles in the rising sunlight. I am one of the few who actually still loves the snow, although the gray, wet, sludge can be annoying. I love how snow transforms the world, however, even I have my limits. I’m giving this winter a couple more weeks, and then spring better be poking its head out of the damp soil. Even the groundhog, who sees his shadow, predicts spring in six weeks, that’s by March 16th according to my calculations. Can’t wait.

19 thoughts on “Hello again. It’s been a while”

  1. Hey cousin, my son had been doing a lot on our family tree. He’s traced 3 or 4 lines back to 1300’s (unverified of course). Unfortunately, the Bryant clan before 1800s remains elusive. I wish I knew how to proceed from here. Actually wrote a post to Genealogy Roadshow, hoping they would be in our area and be able to help us out. If I could just verify Thomas’ parents and then try from there.

    We too have spent a lot of time inside. We’ve been dealing with ice covering our world. Fortunately, the power stayed on this time.

    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Harry,
      When we find out who Thomas’ parents are, that will be a big break won’t it? Who is Alan using as the parents when you say he goes back to the 1300s?

  2. I would enjoy hearing from you every morning. As far as genealogy is concerned, on my father’s side, I am related to the president of the Hamilton County Genealogical Society. He handed our family a complete family background back to the 1600s in Bavaria. He had our immigrant ancestors as well as a picture of the boat they came over on. On my mother’s side, a cousin has traced the family again back to Germany and Switzerland. I thought we were English. Wrong.

    1. You’re too nice. And regarding the genealogy, some people are just lucky. If you got your DNA tested, like I did, you would know that your roots are mostly German and Swiss. But by now you already know, so what’s the point?

      Lunch soon?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lesley. Time moves by so quickly now, and I’m still in my 50s. Hard to imagine what it will be like when I’m 80. Hopefully I will be someday.

  3. Nice to see you again. I’m still loving the winter, though this year has hit particularly hard in some spots that are used to hard winters, and other spots that panic at the sight of a few centimeters of the white stuff.

    1. Hi William,
      It’s good to hear from you. I see your posts through my email notification, so I keep up with many of them, although I don’t often comment right now. I’m glad to see you’re still writing.

    1. It can be a real time drain, can’t it? Do you know how to use LIghtroom? I’ve taken a few classes through my photo club that were quite helpful. I love it.

  4. So nice to see you online again. I’m where you’re at with blogging, but my distraction is portrait painting. The more I immerse myself in painting, the less I write. Maybe we just burned ourselves out???

  5. Hi Christine. I’m only four months behind, apparently! It’s always nice when you pop in and share what you’re up to.


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