Changing blog themes – advice welcome

I’m still struggling to get back into this writing gig. I’ve been on a detour through photography, where I am working hard at learning how to use Adobe Lightroom and Elements. I like both programs, but there is a lot to learn.

I’ve been thinking about changing my WordPress theme and shaking things up a little. Have you changed your theme? Any tips? I don’t want to mess myself up. I’ve posted a lot of photos over the years. This is a project that will take some focused attention, I think. I’m not quite ready for it yet.

Meanwhile, winter is turning to spring here. The sky is blue and the sun is shining outside my window as I type. We are due to have a beautiful day today. I may wander around my gardens and make plans. Or perhaps yank out a misplaced perennial or two. I love this time of year in the garden.

I’m serious about wanting help and advice regarding themes. Please do share your knowledge. I’ll appreciate it.

Here is a picture I took this week at the Cincinnati zoo. I may post more in a blog devoted to that later. No promises. I’m having more fun with my camera right now than I am with this computer. I hope you are all well and that warmer, sunnier days have come your way, or will soon.

This little gibbon reminds me of the game we played when we were young – Barrel of Monkeys.






10 thoughts on “Changing blog themes – advice welcome”

  1. I changed themes recently. I am using a premium theme but it took me about 4 tries to get one I liked. WP does give a refund if you do it within 30 days. In my case, they were all within 24 hours!

    Some of my really old stuff has pictures that are too small and too many pixels. I’ve chosen for now to not go back and change them. I’d rather be working on new posts. So the old stuff is what it is. Sometimes I will edit them if I’ve linked to them, but that’s all.

    Remember to check that the fonts and color schemes are to your liking. I had one I liked except that part of the comments were in bright lime green and I couldn’t get that changed. Everything else could be adjusted except for that. And it really irritated me, so I kept looking.

    Also notice what other bloggers are using. If you like their appearance, check at the bottom to see what they’re using. A lot of bloggers are using the Hemmingway theme which is really nice. For my pictures though, it didn’t work quite right.


      1. Those all transferred over fine. I had to rearrange and resize some of my widgets though as they didn’t look quite right in the new theme (they are now a little larger).

  2. I changed my theme. I opted to do the WP temporary winter theme, not knowing I couldn’t go back! I’d been experimenting with themes anyway. You can set up a “dummy” account and try out the themes to see how they look, create posts for your eyes only, etc. WP has so many to choose from and various options for each, take your time and see what you like.

  3. I wish you all the best in anyway you need to change up your site. I, myself, have not written the last few months due to circumstances beyond my control but plan on getting back to it now. Take care.


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