Editing – a life lesson


We writers know how important editing is. Readers do too. No one wants to slug through lines, paragraphs, then pages of drivel to get to the point. We don’t have the time.

Editing has always been important to photographers, even back in the darkroom days. With the invention of digital cameras it is imperative. You can snap hundreds of photos in a matter of minutes now. But no one wants to scroll through hundreds of photos. We don’t have the time.

I don’t always think of it in these terms, but I edit the activities I fill my life with. We all do—some of us more consciously than others. Like a good editor, are we making the best choices with the use of our time? What to add? What to cut? Where to dwell a little longer, perhaps repeat for emphasis?

The last time I took on the post-a-day challenge, I was interested in establishing a discipline to write every day. It worked for a while.  I created lots of words on the screen, much it drivel. I filled pages with photos readers had to scroll through.

This time, I’m practicing editing. Good for my writing. Good for my photography. And good for my life.






10 thoughts on “Editing – a life lesson”

  1. Just for kicks since you’re talking about editing, I’ll make an observation. Spell checker isn’t always the wonder it seems at first. In your post you talk about “dribble”… I think you meant “drivel.” No big deal, your readers get your intent. My point is that spell checkers can’t pick words for us… yet. I tend to be passionate about certain issues and in my posts the words dribble out of my head onto the page. Unfortunately, the overall effect is pages of drivel. Christine, have a great day. I enjoy your posts. Keep ’em comin’.

    1. Haha. Thanks for that. I had just returned to my computer to fix the dribble to drivel and saw your comment. I beat you to the punch, just barely. Spell checkers are a pain, but in this case, it was my foggy midlife brain to blame. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. One day life here stops, and how you have edited it will last forever! I liked the application.

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