September 2009 — Italy

Links to stories about Italy —

A photo from Italy
The medieval town of San Gimignano
Hopping hilltop towns in Tuscany
Seeing the sensational sights of Siena
Florence in a day
The soft footprint of St. Francis in Assisi
First stop Fontana di Trevi
The Pantheon—Temple of all gods stands, still, in Rome
Vatican City— Paradise for the art lover
Our road led to Ancient Rome
Arrivederci Roma

6 thoughts on “Italy”

    1. I’m trying to use pages in my menu to hold related posts when I do some kind of series. I don’t know if people actually work their way through the posts, as you are so kindly doing today. I think with my “knee surgery” posts, some people may have viewed most of them.

      I like indexing my posts this way, otherwise I feel like they just get lost on the post-stream. It does take a bit more effort, and I checked yesterday to see if I was up to date and found out I have a lot of work to do.

      It’s the engineer in me. I just can’t help it.


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