Things that last a lifetime — and a book giveaway

I dreamed about Annie last night. We were in an old house, not old in a decrepit way necessarily, but old in a quaint way— the kind of house that has the wide dark woodwork, thick plaster walls and large doorways. Annie was lying on the floor. I noticed a long gray bug with wings crawling across the floor. Then I noticed another and another. Then seven and ten. I looked up and saw that one of the small square tiles in the ceiling was partially falling out exposing the empty space above.

All at once a swarm of these bugs poured out of that space the tile provided.

My first instinct was to flee, but then I remembered Annie. So I went back and picked her up and tried to barricade us in a room with a rug stuffed under the door.

Maybe some things last a lifetime.

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Dancing in Heaven by Christine M. Grote

Dancing in Heaven

by Christine M. Grote

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