Left brain blogging activities

I knew I wouldn’t be able to continue posting randomly random thoughts indefinitely. My left brain is screaming, “Cease and desist. Take a break. Get your act together.”

I love my left brain.

I’m giddy with the excitement of anticipation of organizing myself. What categories do I really want to have? Once I figure it out, then I’ll go back and file all the posts into categories. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Maybe not to you.

This blog evolution is starting to mirror my writing process. First I throw down random ideas. Then I look for themes and start to group ideas, notecards, photos, whatever I am working with into similar themes.

I’m thinking about settling into several themes. Maybe I’ll write on one theme a week. Or not.

Don’t forget to check out my categories from time to time to see how things shift.

Here are the categories I’m definitely going to keep:

Laws of nature—I am reclaiming my scientific background after years of neglect and disuse.

Postcards—This is the perfect place to show off my traveling photos. I already started with Kaua’i. It should give me an almost limitless source of posts from past trips on those days when my mind is blank. A brilliant idea.

Trade-offs—I’m keeping it. I think that one of the secrets of a happy life is realizing that everything has trade-offs. Shortly after I resigned from my career with Procter and Gamble to raise our first son full-time, my husband (who was still with P&G) and I went to a party. A young woman was there who I had become acquainted with before I left work. She had a young child and had returned to work. She inquired how I was doing and then proceeded to tell me, “I feel like I have it all,” career, child, life is grand. “I don’t,” I thought. I knew I didn’t have it all. I didn’t believe it was possible to have it all. I was painfully aware of the fact that I had given something up to stay home with Michael. The important question is, “Is it worth it?”

Another perspective—That’s good. It’s always good to try to have other perspectives. Mind expanding.

Nostalgia—I’ve got to keep nostalgia.

Things that grow—Iffy. I initially put it in because I love to garden and once spring rolls around I’m going to be very interested in things that grow. Also, the category has broad, possibly limitless possiblities: Plants, animals, people, problems, fears, love, roots. Lots of things grow.

Challenges—That’s good. Especially if we overcome them. Maybe I should rename it “Conquered challenges.” “Challenges met and conquered.” “Challenges I’ve had in my life and conquered.” “Challenges I’ve had in my life and wish I’d conquered.” I’ll think about it.

Arthur and other wild animals—should be moved to “Things that grow”

Books—I just love books. I would line every room in my entire house with bookshelves packed with books if I could. Probably should keep it even though this is a blog and not a book club.

By my side—It’s about significant people who have been, well, by my side throughout or at different stages in my life. It’s always good to give people who matter a little credit. Should I put it under “Things that grow”? Probably not. Maybe under “Nostalgia.”

Colors—I love colors. As designers, three of my four children use colors every day in their life’s work. Plus my garden is full of colors. I’m keeping it.

Gravel—Unfortunately, I suppose I need to keep this one. I may make it a subcategory under “Self-evaluations.” I mentioned that idea before and it has taken root. That way someone new to the blog can cut to the chase and just read the one or two posts that I deem are worth reading. I could have three categories: “Worth reading,” “Don’t bother,” and “Gravel.” (See explanation of term ‘gravel’ here.)

On writing—A good place to share successes, struggles, tips on blogging (as if I am in a position to give anyone a tip on blogging). Probably should keep it since I claim to be a writer.

Uncategorized—This one is forced on me. I hope to keep it empty.

Women—You aren’t really wondering why I would have a category called ‘women’ are you?

This is beginning to resemble spring cleaning of my clothes closet. Nothing gets thrown out, but more things get added. I might need a bigger closet.

Stay posted.