What should I blog about?

A photo taken at our old house in 2006.

Yesterday I read a post by BubbleCow called What Should Writers Blog About? If you’ll notice, my blog title today is very similar, but it’s not a title so much as a question I ask myself every morning.

Dang. What should I blog about today?

BubbleCow has some very clear advice that boils down to write something that will add value to your readers’ lives. Undoubtedly good advice that I vaguely remember hearing in Communication101 – Rule #1: consider the reader. Who is the reader?

I recently learned this the hard way when two of my remaining three siblings rejected my memoir and refused to sign release forms. My husband, in his infinite wisdom, said, “You didn’t write it for them. If you had written it for them, you might not be happy with it.”

Anyway, I digress. I know that if you want to be a successful writer you have to treat it as a business and take it seriously. You need a plan. Bubblecow points all this out in the blog post I linked above. It’s not that I don’t want to be successful; it’s just that I want to have fun. Can I do both?

Primarily, I read the blogs I do for entertainment, enlightenment, or inspiration. Although I do scan through and occasionally read a few “How to” blogs (Kristen Lamb has a good one on social media, and Nina Badzin has helped me out a lot with Twitter), I don’t want to spend my entire day reading instructions manuals on how-to write, how-to blog, how-to market. These kinds of blogs have their place and I appreciate the fact that they’re out there, but I want to read something that makes me laugh, like the antics of  The Idiot Speaketh, or Carl’s sketches on I Know I Made You Smile. I want to read something that challenges me to see the world anew like  Suzicate’s hearth-warm wisdom, or Hugmamma‘s energetic and often light-hearted opinions, or Julia’s stories from the coast of Maine. I read blogs that challenge me to make conscious decisions about how I live my life, like LeRoy’s posts at the Wordsmith’s Desk or Nancy’s at Spirit Lights the Way. Sometimes I like to see beautiful scenes from another place as Robin takes me for a walk in the bogs or Rudolf allows me to see the Czech Republic through his eyes.

I read a lot of blogs and I do it for the human factor, not the business factor. Call me fickle.

From time to time I try to provide information with my posts, at times I try to allow readers to understand something that I am going through, like Alzheimer’s,  in a way that may enlighten them. Sometimes I just want to take the reader someplace I’ve been with photographs.

Often there is very little of redeeming or lasting value in my posts.

I look at it as a whole body of work. I am a woman in the middle of her life, trying to help her parents, still involved with her children, trying to find meaning in sun rays and bird song. I think mid-life has a lot to offer in terms of personal challenges, contemplative thoughts, and spiritual growth.

Walk with me. Hear my cries and my songs. I was young once and will be old sooner than I realize. I invite you to walk with me here and now. That’s all. If you want.

(I am, however, open to suggestions about what I should blog about tomorrow.)