Capturing the elusive butterfly

Although the room is filled with fluttering butterflies, it’s not easy capturing photographs of them. They may be camera shy.

We’re at the Krohn Conservatory’s On Wings of Harmony: Butterflies of the World show. I told you about my son’s wind chimes for this year’s show in an earlier post. You can find my post about last year’s show, Butterflies of Brazil, here.

I have never seen this lovely white butterfly before. It looks like floating lace as it moves about the room. This year it’s my favorite.

This little orange one is working the crowd.

The blues ones are among the most elusive.

They rarely land for long.

But are really beautiful when they do.

Mostly they look like a flash of color.

Or a bright spot of blue light.

Unsuspecting people sit around never realizing what they’re missing right behind them. At times you may feel a light butterfly kiss across your neck as one passes by.

But the many children don’t miss a thing as they strive to catch the elusive butterfly on a piece of paper,

or in their hands.

Truthfully, I’m not sure why the young ones scurry about with concentrated faces and work so hard at it. These butterflies are pretty friendly.

In fact, people often find that two or more are hitching a ride.

In my unofficial, sans control leg, random survey, I deduced that white is the color the butterflies prefer. Next year I’m wearing white.

The butterflies are not all that particular about where they land.

Although it does seem many have a preference for a high location.

The amount of hair or lack of it, doesn’t seem to make much of a difference.

Again, the unsuspecting person who is simply trying to capture the elusive butterfly on film could be walking around with a live hair ornament and never even know it.

I’ll leave you now with my favorite shots from the day.

Sending you wishes for a great weekend and the grace of butterfly kisses.


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